And the reviews come pouring in…

Some comments about the race on Sunday…

From Joe Garland at Run Westchester (Marathon PR, 2:29, NYC, 1983):

These are wonderful, varied trails of which the communities through which they pass are justly proud. This race can become one of the highlights of the Westchester running world.

Stephen Quirk (Happauge, NY):

It was really well run and brutally fun. I enjoyed the trail, other runners and the great job the volunteers did.

Matt Patrick (Larchmont, NY) 2nd place overall:

You put on a good show today.  Really good course and excellent staffing.  I (and everyone I saw) had a really good time.  When you feel like you’re going to puke with 6 miles to go and still finish with a big smile on your face… that’s the mark of a good event.   You’ve done a remarkable job getting this race off the ground and making people really psyched for it every Fall.  Double the size next year…..

Brian Vanderheiden (Bethel, CT), 3rd place, 30-39:

Thank you for putting on such a wonderful event! Although I’ve run on all of the trails in the race at one point or another, I’ve never run them in succession like that. It was much more challenging than I expected it would be with the rocks, the mud, the slippery cat walks, stream crossings, etc., but all part of the experience that a trail race should be. The trails were in very good shape as well despite the heavy rain on Friday night and Saturday.

Dan Tower (Eastchester, NY):

It’s a gem of a course and it was a well run, fun, small-ish race.

Carol Sebastian (Greenwich, CT)

It was my first trail race and it was pretty hard but I did enjoy it.  Great training for the marathon!

Katie Williams (New York, NY), 2nd place 20-29:

I enjoyed the raced tremendously; it was my first trail race.

Tom Liptack (Larchmont, NY):

Great race … one of the toughest runs I’ve participated in .. would do again …. one caution I would alert potential runners on the treacherous, hilly terrain … this race is not for the average street jogger …..  It is a trek for people who are in shape and know what they getting into ….

Dennis Noskin (Greenwich, CT):

An unbelievable trail run!!!  Well done!…I look forward to running it again next year!!  Thanks for all your efforts.

Mark Maritzen (Rye, NY), 3rd place overall:

Great event…Well done and thanks for organizing.

Zach Katz (Bronx, NY) 2nd place overall 2008; 1st in age group, 20-29, 2009:

the race was once again a ton of fun.  I just need to learn how to hold back on the first half so I dont bomb on those rolling hills near the Hutch.  I think having my name on the bib made me wanna push the pace and lead the first half….Thanks again for organizing a rockin trail race


Oscar Fernandez (New York, NY):

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect when the taxi dropped us off at the registration site last Sunday. I’d never been to New Rochelle, I’d never raced before, and I’d never run on trails before…. The trails were no joke. I thought I was going to die 30 minutes into the race! …living in Manhattan I only trained on flat surfaces; I will definitely be better prepared for next year’s race!

From an organizational standpoint, you and your staff really covered all your bases. The check-in crew was very helpful. The fact that our bags were moved from the starting point to the finish line was big. The IONA volunteers provided plenty of moral support. Their smiles and cheers really helped me psychologically. The refreshments provided after the race were a big hit. The massage therapists, the awards, the stories behind some of the award recipients, etc….

I will make every effort to participate in next year’s Paine to Pain trail race. Once again, thank you.

From the blog Wanderlust Runner:

It was challenging, exhilarating, fun, and, yes, painful….this course was waaay more challenging. Hills, mud, roots, rocks, people, catwalks, and on, and on. But then I would remember to look around me and with the fall colors just starting to creep in, everything clicked. One runner on the trail called it “running Nirvana.”

 I was a bit nervous about making the trek up to Westchester by myself, but before I even got on the train at Grand Central I found fellow racers. I met people before, after, and even during the race, and by the time we were all saying our post-race congratulations I felt like I had 50 new friends.

I will add more when they come in.


4 thoughts on “And the reviews come pouring in…”

  1. First trail race I’ve done. Was quite an experience. Was amusing to run along the Parkway with cars whizzing by.

    After I found my rhythm, just kind of got lost and the joyful disconnect from being in the city.

    Can’t wait until next year’s race.

  2. You can certainly publish my comment 🙂

    I had a great time doing my first Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon and will be looking to do it next year. I really appreciated the huge number of volunteers along the entire course, shouting encouragement, giving directions at key intersections, and making sure there were plenty of fluids available.
    I think the three water stations were just right and the course setter did a great job linking so much trail – having only 1 mile of pavement in race through such built-up areas is an achievement.

  3. A wonderful race and perfect weather. I ran a 15k trail race years ago and loved it, but never did another one until Paine to Pain. The half marathon distance is an ideal distance since it really gives you time to enjoy the run. I love the simplicity of the race. Small field, 3 water stations, it’s just you and the trail. The community support was also fantastic, the high school cheerleaders were a nice touch at the start and finish. I also enjoyed the track finish, it really gets the competitive juices flowing. One suggestion I have is to place a few mile markers or kilometer markers on the course. Not every mile, maybe 1 mile, 5k, 10k, 15k. Just so runners (me) can have some splits to analyze after 🙂 and compare to upcoming years. Another suggestion I just thought of…when I ran the 15k trail, there was also an option to go 30k, which was just another loop. Do you have any ambitions to make this race and Half and Full marathon. I think that would be cool. A trail marathon so close to NYC! Anyhow, thank you for a great event, waking up at 5:30AM and trekking in from Brooklyn was well worth it!! Keep it up.

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