Changes in Water Stops!

We made a last minute change to our 2nd and 3rd water stops (miles 7.5 and 11), in order to speed the re-filling of water bottles. Last year we filled from jugs but, with 4x as many runners this year, we foresee potential congestion (and lost time) as runners come to a halt for water.

This year, therefore, we will fill 16 oz paper cups with water to be placed on tables. These are not the small cups you gulp from during regular races, spilling half down your face.

The objective is for runners to re-fill their bottles on the fly as follows:

  1. Remove your water bottle top in advance of the water stop (a volunteer or sign will alert you that it is coming);
  2. Grab water and dump into bottle;
  3. Immediately discard cup at waiting garbage can 50 yards down the trail.

Please don’t take cups further down the trail and discard them in the woods.

Our first water stop, at mile 3.8, was only lightly used last year. This will remain a hose. There are no cups at this stop.