And the 2010 Reviews Come Pouring In…

Some of the reviews regarding the 2010 race:

Brad Sage:

I have run hundreds of races and yours was as well organized as any I have seen.  Capping the field is the right move for safety reasons as well as enjoyment of those running.  The race has a great small town laid back feel that would be lost with a larger field.  The volunteers, police and workers who cleared the trail all deserve a round of applause for their amazing efforts.  This is simply a race that can’t be matched, and to think it is right in my back yard.  I am just bummed that I missed the first edition, but hope to not miss any in the future.

Chad Tibbetts:

A wonderful race and perfect weather. I ran a 15k trail race years ago and loved it, but never did another one until Paine to Pain. The half marathon distance is an ideal distance since it really gives you time to enjoy the run. I love the simplicity of the race. Small field, 3 water stations, it’s just you and the trail. The community support was also fantastic, the high school cheerleaders were a nice touch at the start and finish. I also enjoyed the track finish, it really gets the competitive juices flowing [the prior was via email, there is more at his  Run Du Tri blog]

Brad Alan:

This was my first Paine to Pain and I have to say I was very impressed.  From the gift bags, to the race organization, to the volunteers, to the drinks and food afterwards, everything was top notch.  For $35 it was an absolute steal.

Dan Pollner:

From my standpoint the volunteers were great and enjoyed having the lineup of cheerleaders!

Yelling Stop Blog:

First, let me say what a great, well-run race this was.  The course was terrific and well-marked, the volunteers were enthusiastic and numerous, and they even had cheerleaders at the start and the finish.  Race Director Eric Turkewitz and his team deserve a ton of credit for putting this race together.  I really can’t think of one thing wrong with the race today, they even arranged for perfect weather. [more]

Herb Carroll (who helped me lay out the course three years ago):

Having volunteers and police holding traffic made a world of difference by the way.  This race was better than most I’ve ever done. I was truly impressed, and I never thought it could have been pulled off so well.  I remember running the trails with you and listening to your dreams about this being a race and thinking to myself, I can’t imagine ever making something like that work.  Well, wow, you certainly did it and beyond what I would have ever expected.

Glenn Trimboli:

It was my first trail race, always been a road racer.

This reminded me of running thru the woods as a kid playing ‘capture the flag’! Except this time you just had to follow them.  And there were plenty to keep you on track. When your having fun running, it feels it did today…  Plenty of challenges but nothing too technical to be concerned with.  Weather was great, track finish was perfect, you get to cheer  (ok, scream) for your friends to finish hard!!

Isn’t that right Ellen, Chris, Jane, Lisa?? Great day, great organization, zero complaints…how often can you say that about a race??

Caroline Goldmacher Kern:

Just wanted to make sure you knew how awesome the race was!  You have done a really amazing job!  The trail could not have been more clear and all the folks on the course to help out were excellent.   Kuddos to you and all of your time and hard work!  It was a beautiful and fun day!

Elle Kim:

What a wonderful race you organized. The 12 miles of trails were cleverly put together to make for a great mash. Came with a group of 4 people from Montclair/Bloomfield and all of us had nothing but great things to say about the volunteers, the course & the race booty. Really great job! Thank you!

Dave Schub:

Wow–Paine to Pain was amazing! The most beautiful race I have ever done—almost enough natural beauty to keep my attention along the trail and distract me from the 13.1 miles I was running (but not quite!).  This was the 1st race my sister and I have done together in 10 years and no doubt, we’ll be back again next year to do it again.

Boston or Die Trying blog:

It was a terrific morning for my first trail race: cool, crisp, hardly a wind nor a cloud in the sky. We even had a revolutionary figure travel from the past to fire the musket to start the race. Race strategy? I had none. No previous experience trail racing


Wrapping up, I had a blast with [my friends] doing this race. I can definitely understand why people get into trail running. The miles passed by so much faster I had to be so focused on almost every step. I definitely see more trail races in my future.[more]

Rob “Hugh Jass” Lynch:

Fantastic race!  Thanks very much for all the hard work that you (and your crew) did staging the event.  I vividly remember last October when I was stuck in traffic on Weaver St by the Leatherstocking trail.  I saw the police and I knew it!  There must be a manhunt on…there’s a killer loose – and he’s hiding in the woods!  Lock the doors, hide the kids!  It wasn’t until the next day that I found out there was a trail race in my back yard- i got so excited that I started running the next weekend for the first time in years.  It all came full circle when I finished the race….right behind you.

Lisa Madden:

I had a great time doing my first Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon and will be looking to do it next year. I really appreciated the huge number of volunteers along the entire course, shouting encouragement, giving directions at key intersections, and making sure there were plenty of fluids available. I think the three water stations were just right and the course setter did a great job linking so much trail – having only 1 mile of pavement in race through such built-up areas is an achievement.

From Charles Yoo:

First trail race I’ve done. Was quite an experience. Was amusing to run along the Parkway with cars whizzing by.

After I found my rhythm, just kind of got lost and the joyful disconnect from being in the city.

Can’t wait until next year’s race.

Courtney Cook:

This was my first time running the Paine to Pain race. I had read about and seen pictures of prior races and was inspired. Even though the course passes through several towns, the trail winds its way through woodland and some of the best natural surroundings in the county.

The race was extremely well organized. Hats off to everyone involved in the planning, runner packets, trail preparation, directions and cheerleading. The overall atmosphere was positive, with enthusiastic supporters, and runners sharing helpful encouraging comments. The race passed more quickly and enjoyably than any of my practice runs.

Katherine Hajjar:

Thank you for organizing such an amazing, inspiring race!!  It was my first trail race, and I had a blast.  I loved running through the woods, and, though challenging, the trails were in fantastic shape.  Somehow, you even arranged for perfect weather.

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(These were reviews from Paine to Pain 2009)

13 thoughts on “And the 2010 Reviews Come Pouring In…”

  1. My first time running the race. Really enjoyed it. Great organization!

    Eric, the “dry run” the week before was a good idea to review the course and avoid the only tricky part: after entering saxon woods, about 500 yards in , there is a sharp turn to the right which the whole group in front of me missed.

    Water stations were a big plus!

    Congrats on this great success.

  2. Beautiful course and terrific event – great job to the organizers!
    I like the track finish — would be a good setting for kids activities next year… (I’ll definitely be back!)

    PS- I think the course is bit faster than the “road half + 15 minutes” tip… Probably varies by base road time but I suspect less than 10% extra time needed in most cases…

  3. Great race! Congrats and thanks to the organizers. The course was very well marked, volunteers were encouraging, the food, drinks, and massages after were perfect, and everything went smoothly. I’m new to running and this was a great way to get more into it. Running trail beats the road any day! I’ll definitely be back next year.

  4. What a great race! I was worried it would be too bunched up with the numbers more than douled from last year but no such problem. Kudos to the race organizers & volunteers for doing an amazing job clearing the trails!

  5. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

    For the people involved in the planning and running of the Paine To Pain trail race. This was my first trail race since I ran cross country 25 years ago in high school. I had a great time at this great event can’t wait until next year.
    James Demagistris

  6. Simply, the most fun I’ve had racing in a while!!! The course was a great blend of smooth paths and slightly technical trail. The water stations (3) were plenty, the volunteers were friendly and after race amenities were generous. Being a veteran of a dozen northeast trail races, Paine to Pain is my new favorite race and I cant wait to register for 2011. Kudos to Eric Turkewitz for the perfect execution of this race.

  7. Great race! I was visiting my sister and we decided to run the Paine to Pain while I was here. It was a fun race, well organized and you had great supporters along the course. I direct a fairly decent sized running series in Colorado and as a director I wanted to tell you that the race was really great and I would encourage every runner in the area to try it, even if they are not used to trail running which is what I prefer to run on. The price was very very reasonable for a tech tee, food, a h20 bottle and a medal, the police did a wonderful job of stopping traffic at all of the road crossings and ending on a track is always fun and great for spectators, if I am ever back at this time I will definitely run this again and really race it! Great job Eric, thank your for your enthusiasm to get people out there running!

  8. Kudos to the organizers and the volunteers for putting together an absolutely terrific race. Challenging as the course was, it was quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had for any half marathon. Looking forward to next year!

  9. I’m a newbie and LOVED running this race, despite the fact that I found it to be extremely challenging. The volunteers were great at cheering me on just when I needed some encouragement and the trail was well-marked and maintained. Glad I didn’t get lost and finished within the time limit… Can’t wait to do it again next year.

  10. Outstanding job organizing the P2P race.
    Nicely prepped course.
    Excellent effort on the part of the volunteers, race officials, sponsors and, police.
    t-shirts are first rate
    Well promoted. Nice to see participants from outside of Westchester, impressive.
    You guys even aced the weather.


  11. I still think you are all crazy for wanting to run through the mud, but I guess someone has to do it. Congratulations on another sucessful event. Hope you all come visit us again next year!

  12. I still think you are all crazy for wanting to run through the mud, but I guess someone has to do it. Congratulations on another sucessful event. Hope you all come visit us again next year!

    And thank you Liz for leading the Mamaroneck team in clearing out the Leatherstocking of the downed trees, and widening that last section of trail that leads to Deerfield. We’ve had many comments about what great shape the trails were in, and you were a big part of that.

  13. This was my favorite race I’ve ever done (excluding NYC Marathon!). Besides the weather being perfect, the trail was so beautiful, especially as we passed reservoirs etc… There was always a runner nearby, but usually not too nearby, and just the right amount of hills to make it challenging without being a killer. I will do this every year I can. Congratulations Eric and team on pulling together an AMAZING event!!

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