Best Spectating Spot

Our crowds make the race look almost like the Olympics. Almost.

For those that want to watch family/friends run a portion of the race, fear not, for even though the race goes over the hills and through the woods we have a perfect spot you can drive to. That’s because the race goes past the Saxon Woods pool and soccer field area at the 6.2M mark. And that means a huge parking lot with easy access. This is your destination.

From the starting area, get on the Hutchinson River Parkway, northbound. There’s an entrance off Webster Avenue.

Head north approximately five miles to Exit 13B, Mamaroneck Avenue.

When you come off the cloverleaf ramp, go right (north) about 1/4 mile.

Make a left at the light into the Saxon Woods pool parking lot.

You will see a house at the far back of the lot, a bit to your left, on the edge of the woods. (The pool and playground are to your right.) The race comes down the hill out of the woods to the left of that house, crosses the driveway directly in front of it, and proceeds back up the hill to the right.

It couldn’t be any easier. Really.

To return to New Rochelle make a right out of the lot, go .2 miles and get on the Hutch southbound.

As you drive south to New Rochelle you will likely see racers on the trail to your right. Honk and scream. But keep focused on the road. You know what I mean?

Exit at 9A, Mill Road, New Rochelle (eastbound). As you exit you will likely see police and volunteers as you’re about to cross the race course at the 10.5 mile mark. Honk and scream again. Or hoot and holler. Your choice. Yell  a thank you to the stressed out volunteers.

Follow Mill Road east (right) a hundred yards and bear right at the light onto North Avenue. Proceed south on North Avenue  about 1.35 miles  and make a 45° right turn up onto Calton Road. You are near the start/finish. Now follow this map to the side streets near the finish and look for parking. We suggest you click to enlarge the map and print it out to take with you.

Find friends/family and tell them they look great. Even if they don’t. Grab a little food. Kiss your athlete. Twice.

You’re welcome.