Trail Improvements, Past and Future

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Scouts work to repair catwalk, April 2008

(Originally posted April 2011, this page is constantly updated to reflect trail improvements)

If we’re going to ask for money to help improve the trails, we figure you probably want to know what kind of projects are involved. So this is a rundown of completed trail improvements and those we hope to assist with in the future.

Since the efforts to unify and improve the trails in six local parks began around 2002, there have been enormous changes. We hope to continue assisting local municipalities with respect to more, and hope we can raise funds to finance some of the future projects.

Since 2002 the following improvements have been made:

2005 – Volunteers cut a new trail into Saxon Woods from Old White Plains Road, thereby bringing an access point closer to the Leatherstocking Trail.

2006-7 -A new shoulder was built by the Town of Mamaroneck on Old White Plains Road to protect runners from cars as they traverse a short street stretch between Leatherstocking and the new trail cut into Saxon Woods.

2007 – 2008 – Two long catwalks/bridges that were destroyed in a 2007 April Nor’easter were re-built in 2008, better than before, by the Town of Mamaroneck.

Scouts blazing the Leatherstocking. Plastic markers and aluminum nails.

2007-2008 – New signs went up around the system linking seven different parks (Leatherstocking, Saxon Woods, Weinberg Nature Center, Hutch Trail, Ward Acres, Twin Lakes and Nature Study Woods), and trails were blazed by scouts into a massive figure-8.

2009 – A new boardwalk was built near West Drive on the Leatherstocking over a mud hole in the Mamaroneck section of the trail.

2009 -A section of trail in Twin Lakes running next to California Road in Eastchester was regraded with heavy machinery by County Parks due to poor drainage.

2010 – An Eagle Scout project widened the New Rochelle section of the Leatherstocking near Pinebrook Blvd. They cleared out invasive vegetation and pulled out old stumps blocking the trail.

2010 – A section of Leatherstocking was widened by the Town of Mamaroneck near Deerfield Lane.

2011 – A second catwalk was built by the Town of Mamaroneck near West Drive, completing a catwalk started in 2009.

2012 – Paine to Pain reaches an agreement with Friends of Westchester County Parks through money raised by this race will fund improvements for those parts of the trail on county property (about seven miles of the race). We now have a dedicated account with FWCP for this purpose.

2012  (summer) — A large area of debris on the Hutchinson River Trail near the Lake Isle Spillway was finally cleared. Credit to super volunteer Will Fisher who cleaned and hauled.

2012 (fall) –  A long standing mud hole on the New Rochelle section of the Leatherstocking Trail was filled by scouts with mulch and chips to provide a significantly improved surface.

2013 – We have pledged $10,000 toward the Town of Mamaroneck to help replace a long catwalk with a steep pitch and sharp turn. Expected date of construction: Spring 2014.

2012, 2013 (pre-race) – Volunteers were out on the trail hauling out garbage that had been dumped or blown onto the trails. A pre-race fall clean-up is becoming an annual tradition.

2014 – County passes a bond issue for trail work. Many of the projects that we have discussed with them are on the list for repair, including: Drainage improvements in Nature Study Woods, Twin Lakes and Saxon Woods, and improvements to the overgrown Hutchinson River Trail (a vital connection between Saxon Woods and Twin Lakes).

Scouts clearing and widening Leatherstocking, New Rochelle, Summer 2010

Future Projects We Hope To See:

Repair and re-grade the deep gully on the Hutch Trail as it descends to Pinebrook Blvd.

Get regular maintenance for Hutch Trail that becomes overgrown each summer.

Regrade trail junction mud hole in Saxon Woods, near the pool parking lot.

Improve drainage in numerous spots, with re-grading and culverts, in Nature Study Woods.

Place plantings along certain portions of the Hutch Trail to screen the trail from the Hutch Parkway.

Re-grade poor drainage area in Twin Lakes on trail next to the Hutch Parkway and at entrance to trail near Mill Road/Hutch intersection.

Improve the single-track access trail (built in 2005) that runs from Old White Plains Road into Saxon Woods.

Expand the Old White Plains Road shoulder that serves as a vital connection between the Leatherstocking and Saxon Woods, with utility poles being moved out of our narrow corridor.

To make an additional donation for trail improvements and maintenance, please click here. Donations are tax-deductible and will go into a dedicated trail maintenance account. You will get a receipt emailed to you and there is no processing fee from Active for the donation. If you prefer to donate by check, please make it payable to Sound Shore Runners Club and mail it to:  Matt Lewis, c/o Colonial Greenway Trail Donations, 5 Intrepid Place, Jersey City, NJ 07305.

And you can read more about the history of the trail and creation of the race at this link.


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