Are Goody Bags and Shirts Guaranteed?

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Updated for 2017:

One problem that bedevils Race Directors is managing the swag that gets ordered and distributed. Order too much? Big problem with money wasted and my basement full of shirts. Order too little? Also a big problem, with unhappy runners.

The problem exists because we have to order weeks in advance, but don’t know how many will try to sign up during the last week, or on race day, and don’t really know what the no-show rate will be since that is largely dependent on the weather.

Our solution: After taking stock of our registrations at the start of September, we order our shirts. We know there will be some no-shows based on injuries and competing plans (which we account for when we set the price of the race). For this year we believe that anyone who registered online will get a shirt.

After that, we hand them out at the finish line to those that didn’t get based on what we have left from the no-shows.

And if you know a better system for managing this kind of stuff, by all means lets us know, and give us a hand with it next year. I will give you double my salary as Race Director.

Paine to Pain Practice Run – Saturday, Sept. 24

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With Paine to Pain fast approaching, it’s time to line up a nice practice run as we did last year. This is purely a fun run — think of it as a guided running tour of the 13.1 mile course. It’s open to all, whether you are running the race or not.

This will be eight days before the race, on Saturday, September 24th, at 7:30 am.

But. The run does not start at the P2P start. It starts instead at the trailhead for the Leatherstocking Trail on Pinebrook Blvd. (about .9M mark of the race)

Starting here allows runners that don’t want to do the full monty to do the shorter versions. This includes the popular 10-mile version where you jump off the trail as you cross Pinebrook Blvd a second time (as you head south down the Hutch Trail), and simply run Pinebrook two miles back to the start.

Options include:

  • 5.5-miler – simple out and back on the Leatherstocking Trail
  • 10-miler – Leatherstocking–>Saxon Woods–>Hutch Trail–> Pinebrook
  • 13 miler – The full monty – Leatherstocking–>Saxon Woods–>Hutch Trail–> Twin Lakes –> Nature Study Woods –>New Rochelle

You can view the course map at Yellow flags will mark the course on race day.

MEETING PLACE: Leatherstocking Trailhead on Pinebrook Blvd., New Rochelle (at the intersection of Hillside Crescent and Pinebrook). Park on Crescent if you are driving.

Meeting spot map

TIME NEEDED: Two pace groups. I will lead one (I run an 8 mile road pace, 9 mile trail pace) and Nina Steinberg will lead another that is 1-2 minutes/mile slower.

WATER/TOILET: At Saxon Woods golf club, about 6.5 miles after the start. Please carry a water bottle. There is no support of any kind.

And if you haven’t signed up yet, well, what the hell are you waiting for? We currently have about 500 registrants, and with wave starts, we still have room for you without overburdening the trail.

Register online at or by completing the entry form on our website.

And yes, of course we are still looking for volunteers. Duh. You think these races run by themselves? Please email our Volunteers Poobah, Greg Stern, to help out.

Last thing, if it rains, remember this: Mud is not a problem. It’s a feature.

Please RSVP to let me know if you are coming so I have a rough idea how many to expect. Eric [at] PaineToPain [dot] com.