TeamEventIn 2013 we introduce a team event, allowing groups of friends to compete against others.

If you run for a team, you are not also eligible for overall or age group awards. Sorry front-running speedsters, no double dipping on prizes.

We will have six divisions:

  1. Mens – open and masters (all are over 40)
  2. Womens – open and masters
  3. Co-ed open and masters

We will take the fastest four finishers for each team and add their times up; lowest time wins. For co-ed teams we will take the fastest two men and the fastest two women.  You can have a maximum of six people on the team.

Awards will go to the winner of each division.

If you want to run with a team, please designate which one at sign-up and make sure you get the spelling exactly right so that the computer matches you up with your team!

You can not sign up for a team after online registration closes.

Finally, given that there will be children at the finish, each team name/shirt should have at least a plausible PG explanation.

One thought on “Teams”

  1. Hi. I really want to sign up ASAP … but I may form a team later… can I add that to my registration when I finalize my team and team name with friends? (I understand that this needs to be before online registration is closed) What is the process to add yourself to a team after you’ve registered?


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