P2P – Six Updates

Women’s 2012 winner Deanna Culbreath exits the last park on the way to setting a women’s course record

With Labor Day now behind us, and the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon coming up fast on October 6th, we wanted to update you on six items:

1.    Preview Run – Come join NewRo Runners for a course check on September 22nd. You don’t have to be signed up for the race to participate. No fees, self-supported, and running guides will lead various pace groups. In order to accommodate those that want to run a shorter loop, the race will not start at the P2P start line. Details are here.

2.    Ultra Runners – Interested in running 26.2 on race day? If you’d like to do a warm up lap before the race, please shoot us an email from our contacts page or leave a comment here.

3.    Kid Races – Our very own Eric Gelber will once again organize the kid races. If you don’t know Gelber, he’s a veteran ultra-marathoner who will attempt to run 200 miles in Central Park in 48 hours to raise money for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation on September 20-22. If you want to run with him, see the details at the link. He promised us he’ll be fully recovered by race day for the kids. Kid race details on the P2P web site.

4.    Teams – As team registrations come in to P2P Global HQ, we want to remind you that team shirts should have at least a plausible PG explanation. If you’ve signed up for a team and don’t have the minimum 4 people signed up yet, look out for an email from Matt Lewis alerting you. Team Details.

5.    Tech Shirts – Guaranteed if you sign up by September 8th.  After that it’s first come, first served at the finish line to grab the shirts of the no-show registrants.  Please note that this year we’re offering men’s and women’s specific sizing, so choose accordingly if you haven’t registered yet.

6.    Waves – We once again anticipate four waves of runners, so that the trail doesn’t get bottle-necked. The race will once again be electronically timed with bib chips.

And our thanks again to our gold level sponsors:

2 thoughts on “P2P – Six Updates”

  1. hello, I am not sure if it is a bit late, but last year even though everything was great and I had a blast on the race, i did not notice a lot of mile marks, or maybe I did not really see them. Or I was running too fast (NOT)
    Just a comment, thanks.

  2. We only use a few mile markers since pace is very much dependent on the terrain. I’ve found, from personal experience, that looking to much at my watch means I may have a much closer and personal experience with the trail than I had intended, as the trail rapidly rises to meet my face.

    We put just enough out there to give folks a general idea where they are.

    Also, making more doesn’t really help because they get stolen, something else we’ve learned the hard way.

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