And the 2013 Reviews Come Rolling In…

PaineToPain 2013 Medals
Photo credit, Jodie Lucie, NewRo Runners

We’ll publish these reviews of the 2013 race as they become available…comments sent via email are used with permission…comments from prior races are here: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009:

This is a truly FUN race. Eric, its obvious you and your entire team have a passion and vision for what this race should be and it comes through from the waiver to the musket start to the tankard-trophy’s to the post-race review. The dedication to lighthearted amusement is refreshing and even more important for a race where no one is going to set a PR. 
The other pervasive thought as I was running: This is not a race the NYRR would ever put on – which is what makes it great. The rocks, roots and other technical features that make the race so exciting would scare NYRR’s legal team shitless. And honestly if I had any clue what was coming, I would have been too (for totally different reasons – that course takes its pound of flesh). But for someone trapped in the NYC road race monopoly this was incredibly refreshing (or as refreshing as a half marathon can be…). The leaders even got to see some deer. —Matt Collins, 3rd place overall in a dramatic finish, via email.

It was also a pleasure to run Paine to Pain again. It’s a great race and that’s why I repeated. You can see how comitted you and your team are in the organization. The course is nice, the start not crowded (thanks to the waved start) and the post-race one of the best I’ve seen.

Paine to Pain is the best race I’ve run in the US so far (along with Colchester Half Marathon). You get the feeling it’s been organized for and by runners.  — Adrià Botofill (Mens’ Champion, 2013), via email

My toughest run ever! But I came, I saw, I conquered. — El Tiburon via Facebook

Tough race. Cool medal. — Lou Esposito via Twitter

Of all the half’s and full marathons, obstacle mud runs and everything in between, this is one of the most challenging courses, well, outside of the Rockies. 🙂  The rolling hills and variation in terrain keep you focused at every step, there’s no room for error.  Hats off to a very well organized event…the staff, cheerleaders, and many Iona college students were on the side of the trails cheering us on.  Well done! — David Chan via email

I’d like to personally thank you for putting on an extraordinary race this past weekend.  There had been so many people saying incredible things about your race, I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  To some degree I wanted to break my good friend Matt Walsh’s course record and on another level I wanted to nab some cool historically themed running stuff.  I had been on pace to break the course record, but then I took a nasty spill and, as you know, led Adria Botifoll and myself off course.  Perhaps it was the confusion that sets in when you are battered 11 miles into a half-marathon that led me off course, but the area was definitely well marked.

Despite the mishaps I experienced and the soreness and mild bruising I am currently experiencing, I can say, without a doubt, that I had more fun at Paine to Pain than I have had at any other race I have been to.  Everything about the race was incredibly well done.  And I am extremely appreciative that you brought attention to Matt Collins’ actions at the race [see race report].

One final note, the tankard is by far the coolest prize I have ever received for a race.– Nick DiBenedetto, 2nd place overall

This was my first race ever and I had a great time! — Perry Burr, via Facebook

Thank you for putting on such a quality race. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and will make sure to spread the word for next year. Without guys like you,  guys like us would have nowhere to run.– Jim Thompson, whose 13-year-old son Drew came in 24/637 overall.

Still on a high from yesterday’s jaunt through the woods.  My first competitive running race was in 1969. I was a 9th grader in the 4X100m relay, taking the tight turns on the old flat, splintery Armory floor.  And of the hundreds of competitions I’ve been in since then, over the full array of distances and course conditions, yesterday was the most fun I’ve ever had in a race.  Excellent organization, lovely scenery, lots of support from the spectators, great interaction with the other runners. — Damon Maher, via email

 I finished. I saw Eric afterward. The race, I said, was a ring of hell. Not the innermost, perhaps, but not very far out. — Joe Garland, Run Westchester Blog, Truth in Advertising: Paine to Pain Race Report

“Paine to Pain” trail half-marathon: one wasp sting, fell once, a couple of ankle twists, and nausea throughout…definitely end the race in PAIN. Cant wait to do it next year!! Tough but beautiful trail. — stephtwist6 via Instagram

Another stellar day orchestrated by Eric Turkewitz and the entire P2P crew. Huge thanks to ALL the volunteers and municipalities for the amazing support. By far my favorite race. — Dan Tower, via Facebook

Lots of port-a-potties near the starting line. And some pretty decent swag at the finish. What more could a guy want from his first half marathon? Oh, beautiful scenery and an easy-to-follow trail with, according to my GPS, over 1000 feet total climb. The Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon had it all, my friend! And I didn’t even mention my pre-race massage. Baller! — David Lesser @ Amateur Idiot, Professional Dad (review)

I had a blast and will be in every year now….Favorite part is Iona kids in the woods and cheerleaders and guy on Broadview playing Rocky theme as we started! — Dave Long, first time 1/2 marathoner and 1st time trail runner

WOW! What great stories those were. I had a great time and met some really nice people, from those at Westchester Road Runners to some of my fellow massage therapists at the finish line. Several people asked me why did I come all the way from the DC area for this particular race. Answer: Because it was there. See you next year! — Wil White, via Facebook

It was an amazing trail race that tested me in ways I have not been tested in a very long time! Thanks! – Megan Letts Frund, via Facebook

I decided to walk my pooch in the a.m. near the race start of the“Paine to Pain” Half Marathon, and write a short blog with a few video clips before appointments.. The enthusiasm was so apparent, the excitement, the energy and oh my – how those volunteers worked! — Spectator Gay Rosen, “Paine to Pain” Half Marathon 2013 – What a Marvelous Day!, with some video footage.

Proud to have finished the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon on Sunday. The most beautiful and enjoyable trail run EVER. I have two great booboos to show for it. — Kari Kohl, via P2P Facebook page

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12 thoughts on “And the 2013 Reviews Come Rolling In…”

  1. My back hurts. 3 toes are showing a nice shade of purple and I can barely walk up/down stairs without cringing. Can’t wait to sign up for 2014. This was my return to distance running after a 10 year hiatus and I couldn’t have had a better time apart from the pain of course. Kudos to NewRo Runners on orchestrating chaos and putting on a great event.

  2. This was a tough race. I was attacked by two very angry wasps at mile 3.5 and was wincing from the stings throughout the rest of the day. Even with that, I was able to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the course, and I know I’ll be signing up again next year – wasps be damned! Everything was very well organized, and it was wonderful to see so many locals cheering us on.

  3. Yeah, I got nailed too. I’ve already been in touch with the appropriate municipality and believe they will take care of it.

    I’ve run that piece many times over the last decade, by the way, and never saw one. I’m betting someone rattled a nest as s/he tried to pass on some single track.

  4. Tough and great race on a hell of a course! Took 4 bee/wasp stings at mile 3.5. Special thanks to the medical staff who yanked a stinger out for me. Also enjoyed the random Iona students cheering in the middle of the woods!

  5. This is the race I always look forward to. Superbly organized and never a dull moment on the trails. Thanks Eric!

  6. Another great year!

    The volunteers along the course and the energy at the finish absolutely make this race worth it.

  7. @Gerry:

    I feel like I am personally stocking your kitchen cabinets with glass tankards. I may need to go to ceramic next year just to keep you interested.

  8. Great race. I got stung twice, I consider it legal doping. Never tripped or slipped. I had a fantastic pacemaker. Thank you, Blair, you did a great job for me.

  9. I’ve been wanting to do this race for about 3 years so I was really excited and nervous. I LOVED the course! The Cheerleaders in the beginning were fantastic and the fans in the woods were great! I got stung about 6 times (I was in the last wave and I think the bees were really pissed off by then). The medical aid people were really helpful. The sweepers were really supportive too… I thought I’d be swept up after all the stings, but managed to finish! Had a great time! I hope to be back… with Benadryl 🙂

  10. What a great race! Beautiful trail, very well organized, and a nice tradition. The last 3 miles of 2013 nearly killed me, but I’m sure I’ll be there again next year.

  11. Well organized race that commenced on schedule. Ample porto-potties, excited folks all around and great route. Paine to pain comprises a little of everything you want in a good race: 1) good scenery; 2) get to explore a little bit of westchester; 3) track racing for final 1/2 mile; and 4) bag check.

    I plan to make the race an annual tradition.

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