And the 2014 Reviews Come Rolling In…

ZhenLiu, Paine to Pain 2015
Zhen Liu, looking like he’s ready to run another lap.

I always like doing this post, because the idea of a little running club putting on a big trail race is a rewarding challenge, and the reviewers let us know if we’ve pulled it off.

This page is not static. The comments are open, I’ve added additional selections that came via email (with permission), and I’ll provide links to other blog posts if I find them.

Having already done my own race recap, let’s see what other folks had to say, without being overly narcissistic about it:

Thank you to all of the volunteers, staff, sponsors, community members and racers who came together to make this event happen again.

After hearing about Paine to Pain for years, I am so glad I finally got to run it.

It’s the most organized and communal feeling running event I’ve ever been to and the organizers should be proud.

See you all next year! (Bobby Asher, Mens’ 2014 Champion)

The trails were perfect, the walkways so new and great, and the support along the course was a 10 out of 10!  Ending in the stadium is always a blast!  You did a fantastic job!  Next year please work on the humidity . . .  (Caroline Goldmacher-Kern, via email)

Such a wonderful event! A hard race, but loads of fun! Will be back next year. (Zhen Liu, via Facebook)

Boy! That was my first half on a trail and I struggled, a lot, but I had so much fun and enjoyed every bit of this experience. Big thanks to all the volunteers who patiently waited to cheer all the runners, and to those who worked tirelessly to organize this race. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do the unthinkable and scream my heart out at the finish line. (Arpit Gupta, via Facebook)

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for making my first half marathon the greatest experience! This was one of the most challenging things I have ever done but also the most rewarding. You guys are awesome and just wanted to let you know! Hearing my name called crossing the finish line was an amazing experience so thank you for that! (Ashley Lepino, via email)

Once again, I would like to thank you for a wonderful event. There isn’t another race on the planet – let alone a half marathon! – that I would consider entering having run only 4 days following a 6 week injury layoff. Ultimately the fact that I hadn’t run over 1 hour since June came back to bite me from mile 9 (ish) to the finish (ish), but I still had a great time.

I ran this race for a variety of reasons. First and foremost – you have always been exceedingly welcoming and accommodating to me. During my 2 years in Flagstaff, AZ, both you and Matt Lewis made sure that a.) I was aware when the race would be and that I was more than welcome, and b.) you went out of your way in 2012 to send me a race shirt and my number. When I left New Rochelle in 2011 as the course record holder I certainly felt proud; when 2012 came around I felt like family. Gestures such as this aren’t lost on me…  (Matt Walsh, 2011 champ, course record holder, profiled in Runner’s World)

Best. Race. Shirt. Ever.

As usual, an A+ event. 
Thanks Eric, your team, ALL the volunteers, and runners. (Dan Tower, via Facebook)

I had great time at race today. My 1st trail 1/2 marathon. Thank you all! (Annica Lin, via Facebook)

thanks for a great run today! it was our first time doing this trail race, but it won’t be our last:) we loved everything about it from the challenging, beautiful course to the amazing volunteers, and the fun finish around the track. wonderful organization. this will be on our yearly calendar as long as you have it!!!! (Charlotte Johnson, via Facebook)

Always the toughest, most fun, race of my running year.  And, oh, my aching Achilles!  Carried off the infield of the NewRo HS track on Sunday, hobbling on two crutches the next two days, down to one crutch for the two days after that, now (Friday) with the swelling starting to subside, sign me up for 2015!  (Damon Maher via email)

Congrats on another great year. You and your staff and volunteers absolutely get it right. (Gerry Sullivan, 2008 Champ, 2x runner-up, who ran a warm-up lap before the race.)

This was the most organized, well communicated race I ever ran.  I loved all the prerace emails.  Even the signs as I pulled off the ramp from 95 were so helpful. Then I thought the course must be easy because so many people were running.  It wasn’t easy! (Lorie Sheinwald, in the recap comments)

Thank you to all the police officers and volunteers who kept us safe! And made me laugh, I’m talking to you volunteer in the sombrero!! (more at Meggies Journey blog)

Another great race is now in the books. Thanks, again, for adding the whole rain forest theme on top of the challenging terrain. And, thanks to all of the volunteers and sponsors! (Jay Radner via Facebook)

I know I say the same thing every year, but here it goes one more time. Nothing but thanks and admiration to everyone involved in putting the Paine to Pain Half on. The volunteers, the sponsors, the local communities and the police. What a great, “small” race. The hometown feel from the local restaurants to the New Ro cheerleaders really makes it feel like home. Eric, take a well deserved rest. You put on quite the event again. I’m already looking forward to next year. Just let me know when we register. (Jim Aiello, via Facebook, who is first to register every year and has already done so for 2015)

thanks for a great race yesterday! i grew up in westchester and never knew abt those trails-i’ll be back! (Kimberly Behrman, via Twitter)

From the Preview Run two weeks before the race:  even though it was my first time on those trails, i run on the roads that bisect the course practically every weekend. to say it was an eye opening experience to see what great trail running (a good mix of hills, single track, and technical terrain) was literally just a few feet off the main roads would be an understatement. (Run Dangerously blog)

Awesome race! First half marathon…first trail…still on a high!! Loved the personal touches throughout!  (Suzanne Dolan, via Facebook)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is my favorite race. Many thanks to you Eric and to all the volunteers.(Jason Kelly via Facebook)

I’ve been struggling to get this race on my calendar since 2008! First time today & I couldn’t be happier; challenging but fair course, fantastic volunteers, unmatched post-race festival. Can’t wait for next year (Tim Guscott,via Facebook)

But this was an amazing course! It reminded me about why I love running the trails every once in a while and the fact that these trails are in my neck of the woods is a huge bonus.

I run many races that give the finishers medals and while I have earned every one, there is that occasional medal that holds more weight and this is one of them. (Scoops on the Run blog)

Paine to Pain TankardNothing like christening my new hardware….thanks for a great race! (Matt Hanley, 2nd place, men 30-39, via Facebook)

Thanks for another great year! My favorite run out of the 100s I run regularly. This year the wave starts were terrific and worked out well. Volunteers are always awesome. Thanks so much for doing this each year. (Carolyn Murphy, in the comments)

As always, the best local race I’ve ever run. Can’t wait for 2015 in not 90% humidity. (Josh Lieberson,via Facebook)

What an amazing event. It was different, hard and I had a blast. See you again next year. (Erika Rodriguez, via Facebook)

Great race! Thank you to Eric and all those that helped make this event so great. The challenge and camaraderie can’t be found anywhere else. (Neil McClure, via Facebook)

Thanks to all the volunteers who help to make this a success every year! It was a great race…hard, but great! (Heather Metz, via Facebook)

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8 thoughts on “And the 2014 Reviews Come Rolling In…”

  1. Eric,

    I run a lot of races, mainly triathlon, ironman and ultra-distance running.
    You were generous and let us do a pre-race loop, plus we some how got lost on Eastchester Road and actually made the P2P an ultra as we logged 28 miles!

    Hats off to a top notch, laid back fun loving Race Director!

    Thank you

    Scot Binder
    Bedford, New York
    PS: Your brother is cool too

  2. I’ve already registered for next year! This was by far the most fun race I’ve ever run- starting with the emails that made me laugh at my office desk to the final blogs which have me laughing in bed (can’t walk quite right yet). The race itself is a gem, on a course I run all the time as a local, but to race it in such great company was awesome. And perfectly organized start to finish. Can’t wait for 2015!!

  3. As any trail runner knows its all about the ‘vibe’. Whether you are going out solo to clear your head, or in a group to click off some miles in the woods or joining in a race, the vibe is a big factor in how you feel before, during and after a run. I picked up the vibe the first time I checked out the website and it only got better when race day finally arrived.

    So, I have had this race on my radar screen for a couple of years and finally had my schedule allow me to drive up from Maryland to partake in what I felt was going to be an excellent race. Just checking out the website was a fun experience. Everything about this race contributed to the positive vibe – the musket start from an historical place, the organization, the course, the volunteers, the post-race nosh, post-race showers, the shirt, the other runners (trailies as I call ’em) and last but not least the Race Director.

    I lead a trail group in the D.C. area (MyMuddyShoes on yahoo) and you can bet I am recommending this race to them even if it is a drive. I love the fact that you can find yourself tucked off on some beautiful single-track and be so close to a major city. Well done on the vibe! Very well done!

  4. Last year’s P2P was my 1st race of any sort. This year I used a 10K as a warm up just a week before the P2P. Even without experience, I know the P2P is the greatest. The organization, the amount of volunteers, and the trails are fantastic. The cooperation of all the towns and PD’s directing traffic (never once had to wait to cross a road) is what a local event is all about.

    New Rochelle deserves special mention for hosting the start and finish with the NRPD manning multiple road crossings, the DPW assisting, and the High School lending facilities and Cheerleaders.

    The only thing that defies Common Sense is the Journal News and News 12 not making mention of this amazing event. Well, other than 600 people running 13+ miles through the woods.

    Thanks Again Paine To Pain!

    And a final thanks to Thomas Paine for a simple race rule:

    “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” Thomas Paine

  5. Always been a Thomas Paine and trotting fan. When we saw the notice in Trail Runner, the name got our attention. As soon as we read your posts, we were hooked. ANOTHER great communicator! Your multitude of dedicated volunteers really make this run awesome. i’m at a point in time where i’m doing it for fun – there was a TON to be had. Very, very well organized. Thanks a zillion to you, all the support, all the great sponsors, post race food and perks! Best logo, best shirt, best race start (Thanks Mr. Wright!! ) best awards. Mine is full of Colorado Boy brew! And if the good Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise, we will see you again –

  6. And if the good Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise, we will see you again –

    If the creek does rise, I expect you to run right through it.

  7. Thanks for a great race! like everyone else said, and from my experience, this is a very, very well organized and fun event. you can feel the love for running, trail and community. the humidity was a bitch this year but it was still fun. I can’t find any other, similar races around NYC! any chance this can happen twice a year….? or maybe you guys put together another trail race, or two, or more? you are so good at it!

  8. maybe you guys put together another trail race, or two, or more?

    I’d love to. Except that my wife said she would kill me if I did that. Then divorce my dead body.

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