Mid-Summer Blast

Vintage P2P hat
A vintage Paine to Pain hat says goodbye to David Letterman this year.

Tick, tock, tickety tock. The calendar tells me we’re not only racing through the dog days of summer, but that Paine to Pain is racing up fast on us: October 4th!

Given that registrations are now 80% more than last year, methinks you ought to hit this registration button if you aren’t already in.  Will we sell out? Do you want to find out the hard way?

Why the enthusiasm? Could it be the 2-page spread on us in Trail Runner Magazinethis year? Or maybe it’s word-of-mouth from seven years worth of great reviews?

And an incentive to register today: Race fees increase on August 15th.

And now for the news: This past year the County put $800,000 into our trails. It seems that, for some odd reason, these trails have been getting a lot more use these past years and they figured upgrades were needed. Many drainage issues were fixed and weed encroachments abated.

Also, as runners from last year’s race know, a new bridge on the Leatherstocking was finished just 36 hours before gunshot. That bridge has now been officially dedicated as….wait for it….wait….wait….Paine Bridge. You’ll see a plaque bolted to it with our colonial runner logo and NewRo Runners name. (You are required to touch it as you race past.) The net proceeds from this race helped to pay for it.

The trail loop has never been in better shape. Ever.

And now your kids: We once again have a one-mile kids’ trail race. This year, anticipating a bigger crowd, we have online registration. The Tailwind Track Club a local youth running group, will supervise this fun run, with their members acting as pacers.

The one-mile race takes place while Paine to Pain is in progress, and includes trails. NewRo Runners is delighted to keep this as a free event, so long as one of the kids’ parents, friends, relatives, neighbors or goldfish is running the full monty. And no, we don’t actually check — you’re on your honor. But we will need you to sign a waiver since there are tripping hazards. Even shorter races will be run on the New Rochelle High School football field for the smallest of tykes.

We also welcome to the fold a new sponsor: Half Time Beverage! For those not in the know, they advertise the world’s largest selection of beer in a mammoth store in Mamaroneck, and another in Poughkeepsie.

While we can’t have beer at the finish line – we tried, but the high school is dry – they will be providing a lot of fluids for us at the end.

And we are rejoined by The Rock Club, the best rock-climbing club in Westchester, if not the tri-state area.  Which just so happens to be located in New Rochelle.

Returning once gain is, NewRo Chevy with its pace car to lead the runners up Broadview for the dramatic start.

And race bib pick-up will once again take place at Westchester Road Runner, the premier running store in Westchester, which also has the distinction of sponsoring us every single year since inception.

Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital will again be providing us with medical coverage at the finish line and Transcare Ambulance will man our three aid stations – we hope that you give them little work to do.

That’s it for now. You know why? Because most people don’t read to the bottom of emails anyway.  You’re probably not even reading this.  I’m writing for myself!

It’s a fast-paced world. All the more reason to take a deep breath and head off onto the trails for one of the most primal activities known to mankind: Running in the woods.

Tick, tock, tickety tock. Good god, why are you waiting to register? [click here]