Iona College Men's and Women's Cross Country/Track & Field team-- preparing to be trail marshals, in 2011
Iona College Men’s and Women’s Cross Country/Track & Field team– preparing to be trail marshals, in 2011. Credit, MAAC Sports.

Let’s face it, a race like this doesn’t happen without volunteers. It. Just. Doesn’t.

We need you, badly, in order to pull this off.  Let me count the ways:

Water stops, number pick-up, sponsor coordination, finish line coordinators, start line coordinators, trail marshals, road crossing marshals, set-up, clean-up, trail flagging, flag pick-up, race sweepers, parking coordinators, wave managers, graphics, communications, food management, massage therapists, etc.

Yeah, it’s a lot. Each year we hope to get about 200 people on race day, some of whom are trail/intersection marshals right near their own homes.

Its fun. It’s easy.

And since this is all done for a non-profit, and proceeds go back into maintaining and improving the trails, it’s rewarding.

To sign up, please click here.

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  1. A huge thank you to all the volunteers. Their cheerfulness and hard work made this a truly great event. THANK YOU!!!!

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