Paine to Pain – Registration Opens!!! (Very briefly)

karenmurrayWe’re doing it again!

Registration has just opened for Paine to Pain 2017, with a tentative date of October 8th!

And we are once again doing it for the stupid-cheap price of $30! Yes, you read that right:


This comes with two big, fat, hairy caveats, of course:

So you once again get stupid-cheap in exchange for a bigger risk of no-show due to injury or conflict because you have to go to the baby shower of your third cousin, twice removed, who you see once every two years at a funeral but you have been told that it’s a family obligation and you will be forever and a day remembered if you foul this up and don’t go to it.

Yes! I know that was a run-on sentence! Do I look like an idiot?!?  Don’t answer that! It was a rhetorical question!  I’m just excited! Can’t you see all the exclamation marks!!!

Registration is open for just three days! Did you get that?

Just. Three. Days.

Register here.

And don’t forget to read my Race Director’s Recap (and Prize!!) for this past year!

And download your free online pics! Stick ’em on Facebook. Stick ’em on Instagram! Stick ’em to your toddler’s tushy!

And remember, if you blow this stupid-cheap early registration we will re-open on April 22nd, Earth Day, at our usual early-bird rate of $50. Still cheap! But not stupid-cheap! Stupid-cheap is a 40% discount off regular cheap!

And we once again thank our wonderful sponsors from this past year’s ridiculously successful race:




Supporting Sponsors:

In cooperation with:

Again, Register now!