Registration for 2023 is Now Open!!!!

And ……we’re off and running….!!!  Registration is now open!!   Race date is October 8th!!! [Register here]

And yet again the Early Bird discounted price is just $50!!!  Yes! Just! Fifty! Bucks!

Forget all that crap you heard about inflation! We laugh in its eyes! Bwaaa, hahahaaa!

But that Early Bird price is only good through the end of May.  So tell your friends and don’t screw this up!

What do you get for half a Benji?  The best 1/2 marathon this side of the Mississippi! Great shirts! Medals! Photos! Live music! Food! 200 incredible volunteers! Girl Scout cookies!  Post-race massage! Me! (Just not in the biblical sense; Mrs. Grand Poobah may not approve.)

And who else starts their race with a gunshot from a colonial musket? They made the British run, didn’t they?

Is NewRo Runners an awesome club, or what!?!

And bonus!  On October 8th, way back in 1919, there was the first ever round-trip, transcontinental air race, with 63 planes!  5,400 miles! The winner finished in three days and 21 hours. Running Paine to Pain should be a comparative cake walk! (P2P not liable for dropped cakes…must add to the disclaimer.)

Now with that complete non-sequitur dispensed with, we have five pieces of news!!!

1.         As with last year there is no longer a vaccination requirement due to the enormous success of the program. (Yay science!) (Policy here).

2.         Registration opens tomorrow!  For one of the great trail races in the whole galaxy! About 90% of this course is in the cool shade of the trees, just four short train stopsfrom midtown Manhattan!
Is the run any damn good?  In my completely unbiased opinion as Founder, Race Director and Grand Poobah for all 14 prior years, it’s an even better than Cannonball Run!  Yes, it’s that good!
Read the reviews from 2022! Or 2021!  Or 2019! Or 2018! Or 2017! Or 2016! Or 2015! Or 2014! Or 2013! Or 2012!

3.         Camping on site! In order to assist out-of-town runners, and a dearth of cheap hotel rooms, we are arranging overnight camping right at the staging area! Limit of 30 campers, at just $15/head with the money going to the Thomas Paine Cottage.   To participate, when registering, answer “yes” to the question, “Do you want to purchase an onsite camping permit for the night before the race?” To  learn more, see our camping rules.

4.         Activities for Kids! (First Year!):  Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NeverStopMoving365, we will for the first time have kids’ activities right by the finish line, on the field inside the track at New Rochelle High School. Kids can play with their families while they wait for finishers! There will be organized activities, too! (stay tuned…)

5.         Paine to Pain is part of the Trail Mix Series!! Read all about six great trail races at that link.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

And thank you once again to last year’s top sponsors:
▪   Westchester Road Runner
▪   Montefiore New Rochelle
▪   Empress EMS
▪   NewRo Runners

Eric Turkewitz
Founder, Race Director, Grand Poobah
(Mrs. Poobah threatened divorce over use of Race Overlord or Darth Turkey).
Paine to Pain Trail 1/2 Marathon
Westchester County, NY
Daytime phone: 212-983-5900
Instagram: @PaineToPain
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