Stupid-Cheap Reg Opens for 2024!!!

Joelle Reeves racing for her third title.

Yes. Yes we are! We are doing stupid-cheap yet again!

After the sloppiest, most muck-filled race we’ve ever done — a race folks will talk about for years —  we’re already looking forward to next year! We refuse to rest on our laurels. Which I think are stuck in the mud in Saxon Woods.

Can I figure out a way to get you more mud next year?

Our results are up!  The free photos are out! And the Race Director’s Recap is up along with a prize for some special people. Yeah, that’s plural this year.

And — this is important!!!! — next year we are moving (for one year only) to September 29th to avoid a conflict with Rosh Hashanah, which falls the Thursday-Friday before and makes pre-race set-up too difficult. (Assuming we get all our permits and yada, yada, yada).  Mark that day down in your best pencil!

And we are doing it for the Stupid-Cheap®©™ price of just $45! Yes, you read that right:


Woo hoooooo!!!!!

That’s right: You get the race, the medal, the shirt, the music, the massages, the food, and world-class, can’t be beat, volunteers that would make Norman Rockwell burst with pride. And me.

All for a lousy 45 clams.

Why sell entries for such a Stupid-Cheap®©™ price?

Two reasons:

  1. Those that register a full year in advance do so because they love the race, and that means they’ll tell their friends about it. We’re not shy about this: Word of mouth has always been our best marketing!! (OK, fine, it’s just about our only marketing.)
  1. We know that the best laid plans of mice and runners often slip in the mud, and that many of you won’t be able to make it. Some will be hurt,  injured or ill. Or pregnant. Or have work conflicts. Or be told there’s a wedding for your second cousin twice removed that you’re not allowed to miss because otherwise you sleep on the couch. The one in the storage locker.  But you’d rather race through the forest!  Will you make it to the start line?  It’s like legalized gambling!

Stupid-Cheap®©™ comes with a coupla big, fat bewhiskered caveats, naturally:

  1. It assumes we get our permits from the various municipalities; and
  2. There is, as always, a no-refund, no-exchange policy. Those no-shows are baked into the Stupid-Cheap®©™ price. So if we gave refunds, or allowed deferrals or exchanges, we would have to charge more. And we would also have to find a volunteer to track deferrals and transfers from year to year. Blech. We elect to go with the Keep it Simple theory. Which goes hand-in-hand with Keep it Cheap.

Registration is open for just three days! Roughly. Because I’m not 100% certain when this email goes through the intertubes via one of our sensational volunteers.  We will shut it all down on Friday the 13th, at 11:59 pm.  Will Friday the 13th be a good omen?

Don’t. Screw. This. Up.

Register Here

The rush to register is usually like the Running of the Brides at a bridal gown sale! (And you thought trail running was risky?)

But if you blow this stupid-cheap early registration we will re-open on April 22nd, Earth Day, at an early-bird rate that’s higher. Yet still cheap! Just not Stupid-Cheap®©™! Stupid-cheap is a big discount off regular cheap!

Once again, the registration link is here. Tell your family! Tell your friends! Tell your…oh hell, I gotta get back to my real job….

And we once again thank our wonderful sponsors from this past year’s ridiculously successful race:





Supporting Sponsors

 In cooperation with:

Race Reviews for Paine to Pain, 2023

OK, this is the part where I collect all the nice things people say about the race and preserve them in one place before they vanish into the vast oceans of internet pixels that pour down on us each day, never to be found again unless we run for public office. (If you want results go here, and photos go here.)

One of the best parts about this are that comments come in from both deeply experienced front runners and rookies alike.

(Comments that came in via email were reproduced with permission.)

I ran my first Paine to Pain today, which was also my first half marathon. It was a lot of fun for me and a wonderful experience. The muddy trail added an extra element of excitement to the run, and encouraged more focus and connection with the trail itself.
I’d like to thank you, and everyone else involved for organizing an event that is no small task, and must require lots of people’s dedication and time.
It was impressive to see the organization and sense of community, before, during and after the race.

Thank you again and I look forward to my second P2P! — Robert Gorman via email

Really great volunteers. Well marked course and the road crossiings were secure, friendly and so positive. Thank you pixies and volunteers. Extra shout out to the Girl Scouts and their peanute butter cookie that got me thru!  Fun beautiful race. Thank you!  — giuli_bene via Instagram

First half marathon and it was a trail race! I finished the @painetopain in just seconds under 2 hours. Had so much fun and can’t wait to go again next year!  — Avi Turkewitz, but he might be biased.

Thank you!  My favorite day of the year never disappoints!  And I thoroughly and successfully tested my age group award tankard during recovery.  — Ed Dee, 13x finisher, 1st time age group award winner

First ½ marathon trail race. Thank you to @painetopain for organizing such a fun day. And to all the volunteers who came out in support and fed us – thank you! It was a gift to be part of such a memorable day.  __ shmancy12345 – via Instagram

@painetopain thank you for putting on such a great race! — courtneykessler via Instagram

Better Every year. Not me. The Paine to Pain. It was probably the halfway point before I learned to stop worrying and love the mud.  — Seth Goldman, via Facebook

I absolutely love running the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon whenever I can. Can’t thank race director Eric Turkewitz @painetopain and all the volunteers enough for putting together a fantastic race every year. — Wellfleets_finest, via Instagram

Everyone was so helpful and awesome. Best race ever!!  — jo_dileo_lion, via Instagram

@painetopain always has the best barrel of 🐵🐵🐵 in the county. thanks again for another great event! — matthewknight via Instagram

Eric!  Per your usual, superb job!!! Paine to pain turned Xterra. The jumping and navigating the muddy course was at a new level this year! The pink direction flags essential and awesome! Great volunteers- overall a super fun day! Many thanks my friend!! — Caroline, via email

While everyone else was running Chicago and Staten Island, I ran trails in New Rochelle. Beautiful little race, loved the course, mud, puddles and all. Sign up next year, you’ll love it! — Pauline212, via Instagram

This race has everything- musket fires for the start, a colonial fife and drum band, NewRo HS cheer team cheering the runners on, awesome volunteers everywhere, a super cool fun and funny race director who wears a tricorne hat and gives inspiring speeches and shoutouts at the start (that’s why wave 5 is the best- we got to hear them all), unofficial water from a nice dude right before a dusty rocky hill, Girl Scout cookies from very cheerful Girl Scouts at mile 11ish, a random kid in the woods on top of a huge boulder encouraging runners to keep going, massages at the finish (from the race director of the Turkey Trot), a live (non colonial) band at the finish, surprise stream crossings, friendly folks at the medical tent who cleaned out my war wound… oh and mud…. There was some mud.
I can’t express how much I love this race, its runners and its volunteers! (Super happy to also see the sweeper and her adorable pup who kept us going 2 years ago at this race).
Thanks so much to the volunteers, police and other runners for making this run so much fun!  – -Elizabeth Bailey Geib via Facebook

[Reviews still coming in, and this will be update as they do if they say anything nice]

Race Director’s Recap and Prize – 2023

The day before, as Trail Pixies laid the trail. Photo by Lou Klein

The word for the day was “mud.”  Was there a better choice?

Despite downpours the day before, over 600 of you actually showed up to run 13.1 through that muck. But why? You could have slept in, right?

Perhaps because you were able to appreciate more than most that we only go through  life once, and you wanted to make the best of it?  Life is not lived in these pixels but in the real world, and there are no dress rehearsals. And each of you embraced that (as well embracing your inner puddle-stomping child).

I tip my colonial tricorn in your direction.

Powering through all that mud was a woman who now stands in a class without peer. Joelle Reeves of Brooklyn who won this race in 2019, and again in 2022 (in perfect weather conditions), defended her title and became the first ever three-time winner, racing down the home stretch in 1:31:24.  She wins on hardpack; She wins in the mud.  She stands today as a champion’s champion.

Following Joelle to the podium was newcomer Madeline Villalba of Manhattan, followed closely by Lindsay Felling. Felling has now ascended the podium four times, with a silver and three bronzes. (If we actually gave out those kind of medals — but we don’t  because you can’t drink out of a podium medal, so I am instead filling her cupboard with engraved tankards.)

On the men’s side, Seabiscuit Horseman (yes, that is his chosen name, do not blame me), was the very last person to register for this race, punching in just 11 minutes before the clock struck midnight to close this puppy up. And then off he went to power through the mud in a remarkable 1:24:25. Seriously? In those conditions?  A true mudder.  As every other P2P champion knows, Seabiscuit comes back to run as my guest for as long as I remain Race Director.

Leaf-covered boardwalk winding through woods
Photo by 2008 finisher and current Trail Pixie, Heidi Hanley

Seabiscuit was followed to the tape by Hugh Tibbs from London, as in Great Britain.  I believe he is the first international runner to ascend the podium (if we actually had podiums). And taking 3rd was Ian Stowe, who also owns a 7th place finish (2022) and a 4th (2021).  Methinks Ian will be back to try and crack that overall 1-2-3.

While there were many other runners that I’d love to give a shoutout to for plowing through the mud —  including 72-year-old Marty Friedrichs, 73 -year-old Sue Sharkey, 78 year old Ed Lynch and 80-year-old Ramon Escobar – there’s also last year’s 3rd place overall runner Eamonn Sullivan, who is just 20. He had a good lead heading into Saxon Woods, and a volunteer mis-directed him off the course. He ran an extra mile and settled in for 6th overall. While we have no idea how he would have done without that snafu, he will come back again as my guest for as long as I am Race Director, as if he were a champ. Just because I think it’s the right thing to do.

This entire day, of course, was not devoted simply to the frontrunners.  I hope you know me better than that.  My guiding sense of how to direct this race was always governed by New Rochelle’s two most famous people:  Thomas Paine and Norman Rockwell. If they ever met, and decided to put on a race, this is what I hope it would look like.  Fifes and drums. Cheerleaders. Boy Scouts. Girl Scouts. Great food. A local running club that cares about doing the best it can. And everyone treated as special. Every. Single. One.

We can’t do that alone, of course, and still make this affordable to everyone. Because that stuff takes money and donations.

So before I tell you who won the Race Director’s Prize this year, I hope you will first appreciate that we are underwritten, in part, by benefactors, some of whom provide cash, and some of whom provide services.

And this includes new-coming sponsors The North Face and RXR Realty.  It also includes Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital at the finish line and Empress EMS out on the course. Finish Line Physical Therapy and Breaking the Tape Production.

Logistical assistance came from our only 15-year sponsor, Westchester Road Runner of White Plains.

Food and drink came from The Fresh Market, AJ Burgers, The Smokehouse Tailgate Grill, Beechmont Tavern, Neri’s Bakery (cookies!), Pepsi and Athletic Brewing.

Professional PT too over one of the water stops and NeverStop Moving 365 kept kids running around like crazy at the finish line.

And those tunes you heard?  Fifes and drums by Erik Lichak and rocking the finish was Artie Tobia.

Communications (ham radio operators out on the course and with me the whole time) were provided by the Westchester Emergency Communications Association.

Additional awards and swag provided by Nathan Sports and Dr. Bronners.

Website assistance by Arunwithaview Media, and additional physical therapy by Tony’s Kneaded Touch.

 Whew!  That’s a lot of moving parts to put this thing on!  And then there’s the volunteers…

 While runners see many of the volunteers on race day – shirts, medals, registration, intersections, aid stations, food, merch —  you don’t see all that goes on behind the scenes beforehand to make this race special. The phone calls, the permits, the tents, the meetings, and the begging.

Volunteers, ahh, yes. Without them, events such as this (are there any others like this?) simply wouldn’t happen.

And that brings us to the Race Director’s Award, sometimes given to runners and sometimes to volunteers, but always given out in my absolute discretion as Grand Poobah.  Who’s going to overrule me?  (Insert maniacal laugh.)

On Saturday, it poured. But rain or not, the trail had to be set with hundreds of hot pink flags. We live in a world that has mud, and that mud must be flagged for by runners. Who’s gonna do that? You….I’m sorry, my mind is a bit fried at this point.

Answer: That muddy path though the woods was going to be flagged by our dedicated team of Trail Pixies. Braving the slop, out they went into the woods in the pouring rain to slowly plant their markers, and then reappear to sweep them up so that we leave behind nothing but footprints. Deep, deep, footprints.

And so, while I usually give the award to a single person who has done something special,  usually  for the benefit of others, this time I give it to eight.

The following volunteers all come back as my guest next year:  Nina Steinberg as Chief Trail Pixie, along with her Associate Pixies: Lou Klein, Stephen Herzberg, Heidi Hanley, Darlene Vallar, Judy Rubin, John Cannistraci and Bea Weinberger.

Because a non-profit running club like NewRo Runners can’t put on a race without volunteers. It just doesn’t happen.

Race Results are here.

Photos are available here.

Race reviews are here.

— Eric

Bib and Wave Numbers for 2023

Are you ready to race the trails in the Westchester woods?

Here are the bib and wave numbers for participants in the 2023 Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon.

If you haven’t registered yet… sorry, but registration is closed and we DO NOT have in-person signup. So, see you in 2024!

To all 2023 runners: Get some rest and see you Sunday, Oct. 8!

Last First Bib Wave
Abrams John 4060 4
Acevedo Isaiah 5087 5
Acker Karen 3004 3
Adler Ken 3014 3
Afanasjeva Diana 3033 3
Agarwal Harshit 4045 4
Agudana Rey 4062 4
Aguilar Dulce 5032 5
Albaeck Michael 301 1
Albicelli Raquel 5190 5
Aleman Alexandru 2024 2
Alexander Lauren 2074 2
Alexander Tyler 2066 2
Allard Christophe 3166 3
Alphenaar Dylan 277 1
Alter Daniel 12 3
Alvarado Edwin 5088 5
Alvarado Ismael 5169 5
Alvarez Nanci 4106 4
Anderson Anne 4140 4
Anderson Glen 3040 3
Anderson Jamie 3097 3
Andrade Gabriel 335 1
Androic Dina 315 1
Andron Elisha 225 1
Angelatos Gerasimo 366 1
Ansel Matthew 4175 4
Antunes Danny 5173 5
Archbold Damien 4080 4
Arias Adriana 2139 2
Arias Harold 4018 4
Arnn Molly 5117 5
Arnold Adam 317 1
Arnould Ruth 4076 4
Aronoff Alex 5037 5
Arroyo Paul 4043 4
Asuncion Kara 5047 5
Auguste Damien 3089 3
Baid Dev 2067 2
Bailey Geib Elizabeth 5082 5
Balagtas Francisco 296 1
Balbi Adam 3101 3
Baldoni Jeremy 286 1
Balick Lawrence 5149 5
Banel Paul 312 1
Barbella Timothy 3080 3
Barbosa Christopher 3100 3
Barbour James 2116 2
Bargar Jeremiah 208 1
Bark Lesley 3053 3
Barlow Julian 2084 2
Barragan Jacqueline 3071 3
Barrios Esmery Amelia 4152 4
Barthelemy Gregory 5074 5
Basbanes Richter Barbara 3056 3
Bastida Celedonio 5019 5
Bastida Julia 5182 5
Baumgarten Robin 5113 5
Bautista Reina 5165 5
Beckett John 3114 3
Begg-Swider Kirsten 135 1
Beil Dylan 3133 3
Benedicty Giuliana 5166 5
Bennett James 3073 3
Bennett Nick 5109 5
Berman Zachary 307 1
Bernstein Andrew 5038 5
Bernstein Eric 5127 5
Bernstein Michael 5031 5
Betesh Norma 3044 3
Billault Claire 3175 3
Billig Jeremy 249 1
Blatter Brett 5018 5
Blatter Eli 2030 2
Blatter Jordan 2026 2
Blatter Judy 2027 2
Bliss Erin 4066 4
Blume Teresa 5008 5
Bochner Evan 2114 2
Boheim Jennifer 2167 2
Boismain Cedric 230 1
Boline Daniel 214 1
Bolivar Julio 231 1
Bon Dennis 5148 5
Bonilla Sandra 3063 3
Bonneau Romain 2109 2
Booth Andrew 3083 3
Bosworth Brian 203 1
Boudreaux Jamie 4145 4
Bouvier Fletcher 4124 4
Boylan Leah 2099 2
Bradley Ray 2008 2
Brady Margaret 290 1
Brady Sean 4036 4
Brennan Sean 3137 3
Briguglio Peter 2160 2
Brinkman Kohl 2115 2
Broaddus Jay 2129 2
Brocklebank Erik 2073 2
Bronheim Seth 5125 5
Bronnimann Mark 2094 2
Brosterman Nancy 3051 3
Broszeit Alanna 5133 5
Brown David 5025 5
Brown Douglas 4149 4
Browning Benjamin 2127 2
Bruschi Matt 257 1
Brusco Vincent 4132 4
Bryson Aaron 2081 2
Buc Nicolas 4082 4
Bucquet Dorothee 2075 2
Bucquet Patrick 2076 2
Bullock Bevin 2018 2
Bumbaco Daniel 2042 2
Burckhard Joseph 207 1
Burr Randall 3 1
Burris Chris 2092 2
Butler John 204 1
Byrne Jill 5135 5
Cabanas Martin 5181 5
Cabrera Michelle 164 1
Cagnol Fabien 2104 2
Cain Alexandra 5095 5
Calderon Diane 3002 3
Calderon Silvia 3139 3
Campo Leonardo 5023 5
Campos Robert 2174 2
Cangemi Gregory 2014 2
Canhedo Wesley 5142 5
Cannistraci Gabriel 2153 2
Cannistraci John 7 2
Cantrell Garrett 2106 2
Capriolo Stacey 5002 5
Carey Paul 3081 3
Carlson Chris 5 2
Carlson Rich 4098 4
Carlsten Kevin 227 1
Carrel-Thomas Abby 5049 5
Ceballos Frank 3087 3
Chamberlain Eli 316 1
Chan Anthony W. 3034 3
Chandler Davey 4011 4
Chavez Jordan 285 1
Chen Joy 3076 3
Cherpion Camille 221 1
Cherpion Marc 3012 3
Chester Emily 323 1
Choi Kyung 5058 5
Chong Cherrie 2044 2
Ciaccia Peter 2037 2
Clark Shannon 3065 3
Clayton Oliver 3125 3
Clements Daniel 5187 5
Cleveland Destani 4100 4
Cocchiara Joseph 5062 5
Cohen Asaf 5061 5
Colantuoni Kenneth 350 1
Cole Joe 5139 5
Coleman David 3032 3
Connuck Marc 4090 4
Conway Charles 4105 4
Conway Christopher 5101 5
Coogan Laura 151 1
Cooke Brennen 2077 2
Cordero Tony 4027 4
Cotte Walter 5085 5
Cotumaccio Alix 308 1
Craig Matthew 302 1
Crewe John 3009 3
Crowley Brendan 2065 2
Crowley Ian 5189 5
Crowley Kevin 2118 2
Cruz Gaspar 348 1
Cuccia Todd 352 1
Cueman Jess 5034 5
Cummings Robert 16 5
Curiel Wil 336 1
Curley Tom 314 1
Curnin Paul 245 1
Curtin Tom 5115 5
Curtis Keith 218 1
Cutrone Jimmy 3120 3
Czar Jonathan 4083 4
Czar Tracey 5075 5
Daks William 268 1
Daly Owen 5146 5
Dams-O’Connor Kristen 272 1
Dapkins Isaac 3174 3
Das Ananya 2057 2
Das Arun 6 5
Davidson Linda 3006 3
Davila Ricardo 4016 4
De Lange Gavin 4054 4
De Man Alexis 2110 2
De Tilly Axel 4014 4
Dee Edmund 2 1
Delucia James 3115 3
Demaio Anthony 291 1
Demato Joseph 2146 2
Demato Michael 2145 2
Denic Alban 2064 2
Dennis Lexy 5083 5
Dennis Monique 5021 5
Dente Tom 3013 3
Devore Teresa 4169 4
Di Vico Joseph 4134 4
Diamantis Alex 3020 3
Dicarrado Stefanie 2043 2
Diehl Eric 3092 3
Digiacomo Janice 3001 3
Dileonardo Joann 4170 4
Djiounas Tiffani 3030 3
Dolan Brian 4067 4
Domo Amanda 3129 3
Donovan Tim 3005 3
Doran Denise 3168 3
Dosch Jessica 4167 4
Dougherty Erin 310 1
Draluk Eli 4046 4
Drummond Mark 217 1
Drury Daniel 4023 4
Dutheil Thorald 4176 4
Duus Emily 5073 5
Dweck Alex 359 1
Ecorcheville Gildas 3059 3
Edelman Carly 5126 5
Eickelberg Betsy 346 1
Eisen Andrew 293 1
Elkassem Alexander 4154 4
Elliott Emily 5004 5
Ellis Chelsea 154 1
Elton John 5089 5
Emery Daniel 256 1
Ennis Stephen 4153 4
Escallon Alberto 4064 4
Escobar Mari 5150 5
Escobar Mildred 5151 5
Escobar Nidia 5155 5
Escobar Osvaldo 3143 3
Escobar Ramon 3142 3
Escobar Ramon H 5152 5
Escobar Yaquelin 5154 5
Esposito Darren 242 1
Evangelista Leonardo 2012 2
Ewen John 2070 2
Falcone Adrian 4015 4
Fapohunda Natasha 3084 3
Farrell Meghan 3146 3
Fasciani Laura 3042 3
Feaver Wendy 5033 5
Febus Taylor 363 1
Feinblum Laura 5072 5
Felling Lindsey 161 1
Fennell Sean 4035 4
Ferret Vincent 3167 3
Fielding Joe 202 1
Finn Denis 5051 5
Finn Lauren 2079 2
Finn Noah 4165 4
Fiori Kevin 3008 3
Fiori Thomas 3078 3
Fischer Zachary 279 1
Fishman Matthew 4159 4
Fitzgerald John 4079 4
Fitzgerald Orla 4095 4
Fleming Sarah 321 1
Fletcher Jeffrey 219 1
Fletcher Melanie 220 1
Fliesser Brett 5100 5
Flood Antha 5134 5
Flores Rafael 3154 3
Flynn David 4142 4
Foray Anne 4135 4
Ford Rachel 4044 4
Forman Jonathan 4081 4
Forster Douglas 4138 4
Fox Jo 5137 5
Foxhall Eric 3021 3
Fraioli William 275 1
Frame Katy 4122 4
Franco Manuel 5180 5
Frederick Meagan 2151 2
Freeman Rich 4052 4
Freund Megan 2056 2
Friedrichs Martin 17 5
Frommer Robert 4177 4
Fulvini Alessandro 297 1
Gagnon Charles 3155 3
Gajecki Leah 5040 5
Galati Amanda 5001 5
Galbraith Tim 3066 3
Galindo Sandra 4029 4
Gall Kevin 3031 3
Gall Spencer 3058 3
Gallagher Scott 2119 2
Gallagher Trish 5170 5
Gallin Zachary 319 1
Gallo Albert 3061 3
Gambaccini Donna 3095 3
Gannon Sean 4085 4
Garcia Emmanuel 5176 5
Garcia Joseph 2020 2
Garcia Caballero Armando 4163 4
Garguilo George 5123 5
Garnier Frederic 2135 2
Gaspard Todd 247 1
Gately Liz 4055 4
Geer Ralph 4150 4
Geggel Thomas 4118 4
Gelbman Carolina 5013 5
Gersten Tim 240 1
Gervais Maxime 3151 3
Ghafourzadeh Yann 2157 2
Ghanooni Amanda 5120 5
Gillis Chris 4069 4
Ginocchio Paul 5069 5
Ginsburg Peter 3025 3
Goldmacher-Kern Caroline 3046 3
Goldman Seth 238 1
Golebiowski Delphine 260 1
Golebiowski Lina 3140 3
Golebiowski Vincent 261 1
Gomez Giancairo 3131 3
Gommichon Julien 4102 4
Gonzalez Leticia 255 1
Gonzalez Lupe 4048 4
Gorman Robert 2112 2
Gourley Brad 4178 4
Grabina Matthew 5043 5
Gramajp Herman 5186 5
Granger Anne 4065 4
Greenberg Mike 3003 3
Grenouillon Claudine 3043 3
Gresser Marissa 5050 5
Grone Bryan 4020 4
Gross Kathleen 2108 2
Gross Peter 11 3
Grossbauer Bryan 2166 2
Grosshans Matt 3102 3
Gruener Alexandra 4093 4
Gruenstein Alexander 5124 5
Guintu Neil 3111 3
Gusz Dan 4071 4
Hadden Hamilton 2033 2
Haggenmiller Joseph 4131 4
Haley John 3118 3
Hammel Anthony 3138 3
Hanley Ian 4050 4
Hanley Jessica 4051 4
Hannon Daniel 2105 2
Hare Lauren 5048 5
Harper Joshua 266 1
Harris Ken 5114 5
Harrison Scott 2086 2
Harsche Susan 3093 3
Hart Matthew 4053 4
Hashim David 351 1
Haywood Zee 4056 4
Healy Timothy M 5157 5
Henderson Steven 5138 5
Henrich Todd 332 1
Heraud Anthony 3069 3
Herzberg Stephen 8 3
Hewson John 3106 3
Hinz Matthew 5035 5
Hofgartner Elizabeth 5029 5
Hofstedt Chris 5081 5
Hogan Michael 2040 2
Hogue Jessica 3045 3
Holloran Laura 4164 4
Honigberg Jesse 3172 3
Howard Jamie 5092 5
Huber Caitlin 3077 3
Huber Madeline 3108 3
Huffaker Justin 5097 5
Huffaker Lizzy 5098 5
Hughson Ian 4026 4
Hulme David 3134 3
Hults Terrance 2143 2
Humphreys Brett 4004 4
Hunter Jody 2023 2
Imhoff Raymond 4012 4
Insani Zach 4168 4
Ippoliti Mark 5153 5
Irwin Christopher 355 1
Itty Jerome 229 1
Ivicic Alan 4125 4
Jackson Michael 5086 5
Jarski Annalise 2122 2
Jensen Thomas 222 1
Jessop Rich 2031 2
Jimenez Jocelyn 4009 4
Johnson Bobae 4117 4
Johnson Mark 5053 5
Johnson Matt 4074 4
Johnston Dillon 2034 2
Johnston Samantha 3039 3
Jones Frederick 273 1
Jones Keith 5052 5
Josephson Isaac 5145 5
Jung Erin 4143 4
K D 4094 4
Kahn Michael 2013 2
Kanak Elaine 4126 4
Kane Matthew 2032 2
Kanokogi Michinori 2170 2
Kaplan Ira 5036 5
Kaufman Alexandra 3117 3
Kazin Marjorie 4101 4
Kearney Henry 3160 3
Kearns Kenneth 284 1
Keating Edward 250 1
Keating Michael 5071 5
Kees Zack 5060 5
Keltz Martin 3027 3
Kencel Sarah 2150 2
Kenny Aidan 3116 3
Kenny Edward 2144 2
Kessler Courtney 304 1
Kessler Jonathan 5054 5
Kietlinski Robin 228 1
Kim Ellis 3158 3
Kim Sarah 5045 5
Kinsey Oliver 3098 3
Kisch Rhona 5160 5
Kleaveland Ben 283 1
Klein Lance 4112 4
Klein Lou 1 3
Kmetz Matthew 329 1
Knauer Lisa Maya 5056 5
Knight Matthew 4061 4
Knust Bryan 233 1
Kobrinsky Aryeh 289 1
Kobrinsky Zach 3029 3
Kohl Kari 2001 2
Korvyakov Dimitri 3162 3
Kountotsis Theodosios 4057 4
Krebsbach Jill 2071 2
Kritzer Matt 3082 3
Krupka Meghan 2009 2
Kusiak Cameron 306 1
Kuykendall Benjamin 303 1
Lafauci Greg 210 1
Lafer Jared 3171 3
Lafer Kelsey 4174 4
Lamongie Nicolas 2004 2
Landau Ian 2124 2
Landau Michael 3072 3
Lapadula Andrew 3124 3
Lapadula Suzanne 2147 2
Larosa Amy 3123 3
Lau Chun Yee 4007 4
Lawhon Jim 2036 2
Lawhon Sam 2035 2
Le Bertre Florent 2050 2
Le Bertre Helie 2051 2
Le Bertre Thomas 3070 3
Le Maguer Sabine 4039 4
Le Masurier Jessica 2028 2
Leaderman Elizabeth 3156 3
Lee David 5179 5
Lee Suni 5017 5
Leentjes Brenda 5112 5
Lehrich Mayim 309 1
Lelievre Michael 337 1
Lemus Nancy 5006 5
Leonardo Diego 356 1
Lesman Jennifer 4013 4
Leung Pauline 3055 3
Levine Gary 2015 2
Levinson Alexis 3099 3
Levy Jessica 3026 3
Lichtman Andrew 2055 2
Liu Amy 4025 4
Lock George 341 1
Long Alexandra 5122 5
Long Dave 4008 4
Longhitano Danielle 2161 2
Look Lester 2120 2
Lopez Miguel 3105 3
Loren Gus 2172 2
Louis Alexander 4068 4
Lovejoy John 4127 4
Lovy Westin 276 1
Lowenthal Steven 5118 5
Lu Qiwei 5080 5
Lubeley Justin 361 1
Lucien Ricardo 5184 5
Lupi Luca 264 1
Lussiez Etienne 2117 2
Lynch Ed 5005 5
Lynch Finola 2123 2
Lynch Robert 343 1
M David 2054 2
Macfarlane Kristen 3015 3
Macmahon Kai 2089 2
Madden Lisa 4042 4
Maffei Jesse 357 1
Mahave Pablo 3163 3
Mait David 5121 5
Mallie Aymeric 4144 4
Maloney Adele 3161 3
Maltese Michael 2061 2
Manlove Kendall 330 1
Mantel Brad 3104 3
Mark Jonathan 5077 5
Markham Daniel 4075 4
Marquez Gabriel 2045 2
Marrero Michael 4104 4
Martin Chris 4121 4
Maslan Catherine 5070 5
Massey Iii Paul 300 1
Mastalerz Kate 342 1
Matamoros Andres 3023 3
Matcovsky Matthew 10 3
Mawn Russell 334 1
May Amy 2168 2
Mazza Brian 358 1
McCallum Richard 2103 2
McCarthy Kevin 3086 3
McCarthy Neil 333 1
McCaskill Clark 265 1
McClave Brian 5104 5
McClave Erin 5105 5
McClave Margo 5106 5
McCurdy Meghan 3145 3
McDevitt Chris 3091 3
McGinley Adina 2134 2
McGraw Bridget 3109 3
McINERNEY Patrick 2047 2
McNally Caroline 365 1
McShane Theresa 2140 2
Medow Jessica 2155 2
Meissner Curt 4084 4
Mellon Tyrone 223 1
Mennitt Patricia 3064 3
Menz Kate 5065 5
Mercer Bret 3074 3
Merturi Michael 5156 5
Meziere Gilles 4099 4
Mietlowski Kyle 4155 4
Miller Ed 5163 5
Milligan Melissa 4151 4
Miranda Alfred 3150 3
Mitchell Austin 2111 2
Mitra Francis 4113 4
Moen Mike 5131 5
Mohring Kenneth 347 1
Mongan John 2102 2
Monroe Jason 2068 2
Montanti Vincent 3011 3
Monteiro Anton 4161 4
Monteiro Damian 2152 2
Montero Keith 311 1
Montoya Ricardo 2048 2
Moody Douglas 4173 4
Moore Charlie 2136 2
Moore Robert 364 1
Moore Sean 274 1
Moreno Arturo 5079 5
Moreno Marco 15 5
Moreno Martin 5078 5
Morley Andrew 4096 4
Morley Marisol 5093 5
Morrow Benjamin 269 1
Moutafis Georgios 3148 3
Muroski Janet 4005 4
Muroski Jason 212 1
Murphy Carolyn 5174 5
Murphy Theresa 4040 4
Murray Karen 9 3
Nagi Tsuyoshi 2002 2
Napolitano Mitchell 360 1
Navin Rhiannon 2083 2
Neal Sean 2041 2
Nepomnyashchiy Igor 4032 4
Nepomnyashchiy Lyudmila 5026 5
Neto Marcello 3017 3
Newman Daniel 236 1
North Christopher 4010 4
Noskin Dennis 2142 2
Novick Rachel 3035 3
Novick Stu 2017 2
Novy-Williams Eben 305 1
Nuess Bridget 5091 5
Nuess Cj 299 1
Nuñez Leticia 4160 4
Nuttall Brittany 4059 4
Nyarady Barbara 5111 5
Ochoa Adrian 3041 3
O’Connell William 282 1
O’Connor Joanne 4130 4
O’Connor Lauren 3169 3
O’Connor Patrick 258 1
O’Halloran Kaitlyn 4049 4
O’Halloran Matthew 345 1
Ohannessian John 2156 2
Olave Carlos 2163 2
Omin Josh 5167 5
Orduz Carlos 4037 4
Orr Topher 216 1
Ortiz Wladimir 5188 5
Ouligian Aram 4148 4
Overstreet John 4058 4
Pabby Vivek 2063 2
Padham Jennifer 5046 5
Paine Joe 4072 4
Palma Douglas 338 1
Palmer Scott 3132 3
Papa Kristine 4091 4
Papa Pete 4092 4
Papakipos Matt 4087 4
Paremoud Jana 3038 3
Parker Chance 2177 2
Parrode Rodrigo 4070 4
Parrode Sara 288 1
Pasqua Kerry 201 1
Patil Divyendra 271 1
Patrick Mitch 5044 5
Patterson David 206 1
Patterson Ryan 2126 2
Paumier Nathan 2091 2
Pavinkurve Nishanth 5041 5
Pearce Michael 3060 3
Pennachio Matthew 2029 2
Perkins Lauren 331 1
Perry Mike 5144 5
Pham John 3144 3
Phipps Kevin 3019 3
Piekarski Chris 2095 2
Pierroutsakos Andreas 4146 4
Pieslor Elizabeth 2131 2
Pietrosanti Daniel 322 1
Pike Eileen 2011 2
Pilchik James 226 1
Pilmar Philip 4120 4
Pinney Andrew 5178 5
Pion Avi 5147 5
Pluto Bill 281 1
Podskoch Matthew 3107 3
Pollitt Michelle 5064 5
Ponto Jake 2060 2
Poorman Greg 2175 2
Popescu Alexandru 2096 2
Portes Justin 2101 2
Pothula Venu 5068 5
Poziumschi Paul 3067 3
Pratt Josh 205 1
Prunier Lionel 324 1
Putrich Nathan 295 1
Quinn Brenda 3037 3
Quirk Lexi 4147 4
Rabinovitch Mathias 2080 2
Rabinowitz Jessica 3113 3
Raby Harrison 2088 2
Rafferty Bobby 3157 3
Ragano Jerry 5171 5
Raiszadeh Farbod 5059 5
Ramirez Miguelangel 3036 3
Ramirez Verenice 5183 5
Rankis Annmaria 3075 3
Raposa Michael 211 1
Rayner Ben 326 1
Reed Tim 5090 5
Reeder George 4017 4
Reeves Joelle 160 1
Rehm Kristen 328 1
Reich Elizabeth 2130 2
Reid Carl E 4 5
Reid Gautama 252 1
Reif Randy 5129 5
Reisman Gregg 3007 3
Reisner Abby 287 1
Repp Rebecca 4021 4
Reyna Ermita 5185 5
Reynolds Jeanne 5039 5
Ricigliano Francis 5102 5
Ricigliano Kathryn 5103 5
Rickert-O’Connell Mieke 5063 5
Ringwald Steven 4001 4
Rising Leeds 5132 5
Rivera Adalgisa 5015 5
Roberts Matthew 263 1
Robertson Christopher 4088 4
Robine Nicolas 234 1
Rockland Peter 2149 2
Rockland Sophie 2148 2
Rodrã Adriana 3173 3
Rodrigues Joe 4137 4
Rodriguez Christian 2082 2
Rollner Corey 3153 3
Romita Kathryn 2006 2
Romnney Dolce Samantha 3016 3
Rosen Jason 2125 2
Rosenbaum Daniel 2176 2
Rosenblith Murray 5010 5
Rosin Morgan 2016 2
Rota Enkeledi 2141 2
Ruane Alex 2164 2
Rubio Molina Diego Alexander 3159 3
Rudaw Lauren 2019 2
Ruiz Marysol 4162 4
Russell Stephen 4171 4
Ryan Christopher 235 1
Ryan Dan 3103 3
Ryan Michael 4073 4
Sage Brad 209 1
Sagliano Tom 3096 3
Sainz Clotilde 5030 5
Sainz Luis 4034 4
Salim Diane 4077 4
Samalot Alycia 3149 3
Sanderson Elizabeth 294 1
Sanfilippo-Burchman Elaine 2025 2
Sankbeil Noreen 241 1
Sans Katy 5110 5
Santana Julio 3141 3
Santiago Sean 4158 4
Sawyer Douglas 4166 4
Schierle Samantha 251 1
Schlosser Anthony 2052 2
Schlumberger Marceau 5094 5
Schmarge Kenneth 4136 4
Schneider Julien 3136 3
Schnell Gordon 3152 3
Schutzman Matthew 3085 3
Schwartz Valeri 5096 5
Scobie Stephen 2178 2
Scott Brad 292 1
Scotti Alvarado Melissa 4133 4
Sealove Eric 2058 2
Seeman Lisa 3010 3
Serra-Lima Jack 4028 4
Setzer Stephen 2137 2
Setzer Yoana 2138 2
Shalom Grace 3054 3
Shalom Hank 2078 2
Shandroff Robb 4019 4
Shapiro Jonathan 2053 2
Sharkey Sue 4006 4
Shats Anna 5066 5
Shats Elizabeth 5067 5
Shats Eugene 2093 2
Shedrofsky Justin 2158 2
Sheehy Brendan 224 1
Sheridan Levi 2169 2
Sherman Scott 4003 4
Shibata Tatsuhiro 5172 5
Shingler Alex 2046 2
Shmul Ori 3028 3
Sicard Jennifer 5177 5
Silbersher Zachary 2038 2
Silverman Mikael 325 1
Simmons Tara 3112 3
Sina-Jessiman Chris 267 1
Sinkoff James 5175 5
Slate Emily 3126 3
Sliter Charles 327 1
Smeets Michael 4089 4
Smith Andrew 5055 5
Smith Kerry 4128 4
Smith Matthew 4022 4
Smith Shawn 5168 5
Smykla Laura 5014 5
Snedeker Samantha 4157 4
Snedeker William 4156 4
Snyder Scott 3079 3
Soboroff Peter 4002 4
Socci Philip 3088 3
Sole Marc 270 1
Solomon Jamie 4103 4
Sommer Lily 5003 5
Song Eric 262 1
Soto Peter 244 1
Soto Randal 2162 2
Sparks Jason 5119 5
Spaulding Emily 3164 3
Speranza Nicholas 14 1
Sponaugle Jim 3119 3
Spratford Scot 3068 3
Squire Troy 118 1
Staab Jonathan 5012 5
Staab Laurel 5028 5
Stamler Daniel 5159 5
Starikovsky Marina 344 1
Stasiewicz Jesse 298 1
Stasny Sarah 5057 5
Stelzer Scott 4139 4
Stern Rebecca 5099 5
Stevener Patrick 4097 4
Stork Dietmar 2072 2
Stowe Ian 278 1
Streicher David 237 1
Stromstedt Christoffer 5130 5
Sullivan Eamonn 132 1
Sunko Todd 215 1
Sutton Bradley 4172 4
Swagerty John 2098 2
Swan Jenni 5011 5
Swart Anim 2159 2
Szleifer Reuven 5084 5
Taboas Alex 4063 4
Tamir Uri 5042 5
Tan Joanna 3147 3
Tarayre Severine 4078 4
Tascio Peter 259 1
Temple Will 313 1
Thayalan Roshan 2171 2
Thomas Kimron 4115 4
Thomassen Janet 5107 5
Thornton Jacqlyne 3165 3
Tibbs Hugh 320 1
Tierney Michael 2003 2
Tobin Edward 3130 3
Tobon Jason 2154 2
Tomizawa Nicholas 4038 4
Tompkins Ryan 3128 3
Toplansky Alexander 5128 5
Tornatore Nicholas 5140 5
Torres Claudio 239 1
Tower Dan 2022 2
Trachtenberg Ben 3122 3
Trione Madelyne 3050 3
Trowbridge John 5024 5
Tse Andy 4033 4
Tsumita Taro 5016 5
Turkewitz Avi 5143 5
Tyburski Ashley 2132 2
Uhland Nancy 4024 4
Urdang Ellie 3049 3
Urdang Jeffrey 3047 3
Utzinger Morgan 5076 5
Vacco Jr Vincent 4119 4
Vachon Isabelle 349 1
Vail Benjamin 4110 4
Vail Kate 2113 2
Valentin Alkis 254 1
Van Lunsen Kelli 3057 3
Vanoli Fabio 232 1
Varbaro Tara 18 2
Varillas Lady 5022 5
Varillas Rachel 5020 5
Varillas Rebecca 5027 5
Varley David 2097 2
Vayyala Kishor 280 1
Vega Angela 13 3
Velez Louis 2090 2
Venkat Sundar 3110 3
Vertenten Rachelle 2007 2
Vettorino Stephen 2005 2
Vidov Ostap 5162 5
Villalba Madeline 318 1
Vincent Matt 2133 2
Viscontini Paul 2062 2
Visintin Halket Brenna 4108 4
Volcovici Kristen 4041 4
Volpe Jaclyn 5161 5
Wahl Nancy 2039 2
Wall Albert 3170 3
Walls Brian 362 1
Wang Kaili 4116 4
Wasserberger William 4123 4
Waterbury Adam 4086 4
Watkin Heath 4109 4
Watson David 3018 3
Wealth Edwin 3094 3
Weger Nathan 2100 2
Weinberg Alex 2121 2
Weintraub Steve 3062 3
Weir Paul 353 1
Wellman Mark 3022 3
Wenzek Hagen 213 1
Werner Richard 5136 5
Wertheimer Samuel 2059 2
Westhoff Gerard 340 1
Westphal Eric 2085 2
White Ian 243 1
White Wil 4031 4
Whiting Elizabeth 3048 3
Wiener Sophia 4129 4
Wiggins Jon 253 1
Wiggins Ryan 5009 5
Wild Robert 4114 4
Williams Andrew 2128 2
Williams Andy 2069 2
Williams Steve 5007 5
Williard Anne 2049 2
Winikor Chris 5108 5
Wiseman Samson 4047 4
Wolfert Brendan 248 1
Wollman Jeffrey 3135 3
Wright Michael 5141 5
Wynne Tim 354 1
Yao Mike 246 1
Yates John 2173 2
Yates Penelope 2087 2
Yellowday Charles 339 1
Young Zara 2107 2
Yung Samsam 5158 5
Zabriskie Charlie 3024 3
Zamudio Paul 3127 3
Zaro Michael 3090 3
Zarubin Vadim 4141 4
Zhang Yaxia 5164 5
Zherebchuk Surge 5116 5
Zhou Riley 4030 4
Ziemba Lauren 3121 3
Zimmerman Joseph 2165 2
Zinn Bruno 4107 4
Zitt Robert 4111 4
Zucker Jesse 2010 2
Zullig Lisa 3052 3

Price Increase after Aug 17!

The race is coming! The race is coming! Woo hoo!!

Of course it’s hot out there, it’s August!  But it won’t be August much longer.

Pretty soon the cool dry air of fall will bring on the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon on October 8th!!!  Woo hoo!!!

And this is the most important part of why I write:  At this moment, the price for this race is just $55!  (Woo hoo again!) Ridiculously cheap, I know. But it goes up to $65 when the clock strikes 12:01 am Friday, August 18th.  (Register here)

Don’t screw this up and pay more! And don’t let your friends screw this up. Pass them this post! Or print and send by carrier pigeon.  A very fast carrier pigeon.

And off we go with a few quick updates…there will be a test at the end…

1.          Price Increase:
You opened this email after the 17th?  Tough noogies — serves you right for ignoring my missives. (Registration link) Sign up now to avoid the pain. Get it? I know, I’m good.

How does NewRo Runners put on a race this awesome at such a stupid price? First off, we don’t get paid. Not even me. Call it a labor of love, or a third child. Whatever you call it, this baby is non-profit.  Net proceeds go into the trails or local charities.

2.         It Doesn’t Happen Without Sponsors:
The second reason P2P is financially accessible to the whole community?  We have great sponsors that help defray the costs with money, services, safety and logistics.

And joining the P2P family this year as a top end sponsor: The North Face! And we again have the generous personnel support of Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital at the finish line and Empress EMS at our aid stations. Orange Theory of Mamaroneck will return this year to commandeer the first water stop to make sure you’re hydrated and Finish Line PT will be there to help your sore body at the finish. And, for the 15th race in a row, Westchester Road Runner will help with the logistics of pre-race bib distribution. And those are just a few that help make this race, at this ridiculous price, a reality.

And for those feeling guilty leaving the kiddos at home while you run…bring them!  At the Finish Line Festival, they can enjoy fit-tastic activities with another new sponsor, NeverStopMoving365, a team of youth movement specialists. They will have equipment set up for ages 3 – 13 to explore, play and practice while they wait for their family to finish.

Looking for a home near the trail?  Century 21 Marciano will once again be there to point out how you can roll out of your bed and onto these trails!

3.         Registration:
I never know from year to year exactly how many runners will show up, but we usually get 700+. This year we already have over 600 registered. Want to know why this info is so important?  We need to know within the next week how many shirts and medals to order!  We don’t want to come up short and the Grand Poobah certainly doesn’t want a bunch of excess at P2P Global HQ.  Mrs. Poobah would not be happy. Trust me.

And then there’s the food that we must order. Oh yeah. We aim to provide the best post-race food for any race in the country. (I have modest ambitions.)

So the earlier we know, the better for all.  And the cheaper for you. Win-win. Don’t delay registering. Don’t delay telling your friends.  And don’t get stuck paying a premium for registering late.

Lastly, there will be no in-person registrations! That’s gone the way of the floppy disk.

4.         Volunteers:
The shirts, medals, live music, free photos, exceptional food, and great trail are all great. But not only are sponsors critical, races don’t happen without volunteers. And our first-in-class volunteers – we get about 200 each year – can now start signing up!  See that link? Yeah, that’s the place to go. Pick the spot you want while it’s early!

We need you!

5.         P2P Preview
Every year we do a preview of the race, where you can come and run with our guides. Not a race!  This year it is Sunday, September 24th. Details here.

6.         Chicago
It has come to my attention that the Chicago Marathon is the same day as P2P. And they refuse to move it for me. So, if you were trying to decide if you wanted to run there to be a small fish in a big pond, or stay here to be a big fish in a small pond, remember this:  October 8th is also the date the Great Chicago Fire started in 1871.  Do you really want to be there for that anniversary?

Final notes for those who’ve never run Paine to Pain and are toying with the idea: This is the most fun, best organized, and dollar-for-dollar finest foot race in the New York metro area. Ask any friend or frenemy who has run it! Feel free to read the comments of others if you think I might be a tad biased as I sit here typing in my Race Director’s colonial tricorn hat.

The link to register is here!

Paine to Pain Preview

NewRo Runners, the group that organizes the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon, will host our 2023 Preview of the course on Sunday, September 24th at 8:00 am. Woo hoooo!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we can start promptly.

All runners are invited to join us, whether you’re signed up for the race or not, and whether you want to run the full monty or just a section (see below).

This is not a race, but simply a guided running tour of the P2P course, which NewRo Runners does  as one of our regular weekend group runs.

We usually get 50-75 people and we usually have about 10 trail leaders since there are no flags on the course.  If you know the course and can lead, please email me privately.

We will have multiple groups – which we coyly designate as fast, medium and slow, because tall, grande and venti didn’t seem right.  The groupings will generally (and very loosely) be:

  • Fastest – Training for 3:30 marathon or faster (or 1:40 ½-marathon)
  • Medium – Training for 3:30 – 4:15 marathon (or 1:40 – 2:10  ½-marathon)
  • Slower – Training for 4:15-5:00 hour marathon (All runners should be capable of running a 2:30 half marathon on the street – please, no walkers.)

Distancing between groups of runners will happen naturally as speedier runners take flight. Leaders will pause at major junctions so others in their groups can catch up.

There are no fees, no services, and you don’t have to be a member of NewRo Runners to join us. We do this once a year as one of our  weekly group runs,  and invite others to join us so we can show you our little runners’ playground.

Just send me an email, tweet (@PaineToPain), Instagram message (@PaineToPain) or mention on our Facebook page, so that I have a sense of how big our crowd will be, and let me know which group you think you might run with. You can always change groups on the spot, or mid-run if you don’t like the teeny, tiny, tiger-striped shorts of the guy in front of you.

Important!!  We do not meet at the starting line for P2P! We start, instead, at the trailhead for the Leatherstocking Trail. This is at the corner of Pinebrook Boulevard and Hillside Crescent in New Rochelle. (See map) There is parking available on Hillside Crescent.

There is one water fountain along the way, inside the Saxon Woods Golf Club, which has bathrooms as well, and is at the 6.8-ish-mile mark.

Your options are:

  • 5.6 miles — Out and back on the Leatherstocking trail, which is marked.
  • 10 miles — Stay with the group through Saxon Woods until we head south down the Hutchinson River Trail (after passing the golf course) and then bail out on Pinebrook Boulevard at mile 8-ish.  This is the same street we started on, but two miles to the north. Then just run on Pinebrook (going left) back to the start. There are no turns to make after leaving the group.
  • 13+  —The full monty. As an extra bonus, instead of running the Broadview hill at the start of the race, you get to run it at the end when you are tired.

Please let me know if you will be able to join us.

Eric @

Registration for 2023 is Now Open!!!!

And ……we’re off and running….!!!  Registration is now open!!   Race date is October 8th!!! [Register here]

And yet again the Early Bird discounted price is just $50!!!  Yes! Just! Fifty! Bucks!

Forget all that crap you heard about inflation! We laugh in its eyes! Bwaaa, hahahaaa!

But that Early Bird price is only good through the end of May.  So tell your friends and don’t screw this up!

What do you get for half a Benji?  The best 1/2 marathon this side of the Mississippi! Great shirts! Medals! Photos! Live music! Food! 200 incredible volunteers! Girl Scout cookies!  Post-race massage! Me! (Just not in the biblical sense; Mrs. Grand Poobah may not approve.)

And who else starts their race with a gunshot from a colonial musket? They made the British run, didn’t they?

Is NewRo Runners an awesome club, or what!?!

And bonus!  On October 8th, way back in 1919, there was the first ever round-trip, transcontinental air race, with 63 planes!  5,400 miles! The winner finished in three days and 21 hours. Running Paine to Pain should be a comparative cake walk! (P2P not liable for dropped cakes…must add to the disclaimer.)

Now with that complete non-sequitur dispensed with, we have five pieces of news!!!

1.         As with last year there is no longer a vaccination requirement due to the enormous success of the program. (Yay science!) (Policy here).

2.         Registration opens tomorrow!  For one of the great trail races in the whole galaxy! About 90% of this course is in the cool shade of the trees, just four short train stopsfrom midtown Manhattan!
Is the run any damn good?  In my completely unbiased opinion as Founder, Race Director and Grand Poobah for all 14 prior years, it’s an even better than Cannonball Run!  Yes, it’s that good!
Read the reviews from 2022! Or 2021!  Or 2019! Or 2018! Or 2017! Or 2016! Or 2015! Or 2014! Or 2013! Or 2012!

3.         Camping on site! In order to assist out-of-town runners, and a dearth of cheap hotel rooms, we are arranging overnight camping right at the staging area! Limit of 30 campers, at just $15/head with the money going to the Thomas Paine Cottage.   To participate, when registering, answer “yes” to the question, “Do you want to purchase an onsite camping permit for the night before the race?” To  learn more, see our camping rules.

4.         Activities for Kids! (First Year!):  Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NeverStopMoving365, we will for the first time have kids’ activities right by the finish line, on the field inside the track at New Rochelle High School. Kids can play with their families while they wait for finishers! There will be organized activities, too! (stay tuned…)

5.         Paine to Pain is part of the Trail Mix Series!! Read all about six great trail races at that link.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

And thank you once again to last year’s top sponsors:
▪   Westchester Road Runner
▪   Montefiore New Rochelle
▪   Empress EMS
▪   NewRo Runners

Eric Turkewitz
Founder, Race Director, Grand Poobah
(Mrs. Poobah threatened divorce over use of Race Overlord or Darth Turkey).
Paine to Pain Trail 1/2 Marathon
Westchester County, NY
Daytime phone: 212-983-5900
Instagram: @PaineToPain
Facebook: Paine To Pain
(Notice a social media pattern?)

Real job (Where I put on my lawyer face):
The Turkewitz Law Firm
43 West 43rd Street, Suite 271
New York, NY  10036

Stupid-Cheap Registration Opens for 2023!

Inflation you say? We stick a gooey running gel in thine eyes as we briefly open registration for 2023 at the same initial price as last year!

But first, the Paine to Pain 2022 race is in the books! The results are out!  The thousands of free photos are out! The Race Director’s prize awarded! Race Reviews are going in! And people are gently fondling their race medals and shirts!

And now  … registration has just opened for Paine to Pain 2023, with a tentative date of October 8th! Put it in your calendar now!

Woo hoooooo!!!!!

And we are doing it for the Stupid-Cheap®©™ price of $40! Yes, you read that right:


Why sell entries for such a Stupid-Cheap®©™ price?

Two reasons:

    1. Those that register a full year in advance do so because they love the race, and that means they’ll tell their friends about it. [Hint. Hint.] We’re not shy about this: Word of mouth has always been our best marketing!! (OK, fine, it’s usually our only marketing. And it’s not like we have a press agent.)
    2. And we know that the best laid plans of mice and runners often skitter astray, and that many of you won’t be able to make it.Some will get hurt. Or injured. Or ill. Or pregnant. Or be told there’s a wedding for your third cousin twice removed that you’re not allowed to miss because your Great Uncle Sam (who you really don’t like but are too polite to say) might be there. Will you make it to the start line?  It’s like legalized gambling!

This comes with the same two big, hairy caveats we have each year, of course:

    1. It assumes we get our permits from the various municipalities for that date; and
    2. There is, as always, a no-refund, no-exchange policy.

That’s right: You get the race, the medal, the shirt, the music, the massages, the food, more food, yet more food, and world-class, can’t be beat, volunteers that would make former New Rochelle resident Norman Rockwell burst with pride.  And maybe even mile 11-ish Girl Scout cookies again! Norm would like that!

(Not-so-random thought: If Norman Rockwell and Thomas Paine put a race on, what would it look like? If you answered P2P you have uncovered my super-secret stategery!)

Registration is open for just three days! Did you get that?

Just. Three. Friggen. Days.

Register Here

The rush to register each year is like the Running  of the Brides at a bridal gown sale! (More dangerous than trail running!)

But if you blow this stupid-cheap early registration — and many of you will because you can’t help yourselves — we will re-open on April 22nd, Earth Day, at our usual early-bird rate of $50. Still cheap! But not stupid-cheap! Stupid-cheap is a big, hairy discount off regular cheap!

And we once again thank our wonderful sponsors and supporters from this past year’s ridiculously successful race:




Supporting Sponsors

and in cooperation with



Eric Turkewitz
Race Director, NewRo Runners

Paine to Pain Trail 1/2 Marathon
Westchester County, NY
Daytime phone: 212-983-5900

Eric @
Twitter: @PaineToPain
Instagram: @PaineToPain
Facebook: Paine To Pain
(Notice a social media pattern?)

Real job:

The Turkewitz Law Firm
228 East 45th Street – 17th Floor
New York, NY  10017
Eric @

Race Reviews for 2022

Photo by Rob Cummings

As always, I put up reviews of the race here so that they are saved for posterity instead of being lost in the endless system of tubes that, I am told, make up the internet. Or at least, I post them if they are good.

And as they come in, this page is amended, revised,  supplemented and otherwise improved. Comments that come in via email are, of course, only posted here with permission.

So without further ado:

Thanks so much for putting on a terrific race yesterday; it was my first time participating and it was a TON of fun. I will definitely be back! (Nora Carroll, 3rd place overall women)
I ran Paine to Pain yesterday for the first time, and it was an absolute joy. All of the logistical stuff was great, from the clear and abundant pre-race information to the nice finish area. The course was fabulous; well-marked, a variety of terrain, and wonderful volunteers at the key turns.  It is a minor miracle that one can assemble a race that is over 90% trail so close to NYC.
And the wave starts are genius. I tend to start slow and get faster as a race goes, in the 8-9 minute/mile range, so have always run into issues with traffic in other trail races. Here, after the first mile or so, I was completely free to run my own race, and I got my trail-half PR out of it.  My friend, who is far faster, also had nothing but good things to say.  He loved ending on the track — that was very cool.
A huge thank you to you and the volunteer crew for putting this together, and I can’t wait to come back next year. (Kevin Schlottmann, via email)

@painetopain awesome race! Will be back next year! (Greg Barthelemy via Instagram)

Didn’t break any records, but this was my fifth time running and the trail never gets old. Congrats to all the runners and to Eric for another successful race.  (KC Choi via Facebook)

Incredibly grateful for @painetopain! It has become a tradition for @kissmycooly this being our 2nd year. It was a gorgeous day with phenomenal people.  We highly recommend registering! (Adrian Ochoa via Instagram)

I completed my 6th Paine to Pain Half marathon. My favorite trail run 🙂Thank you Eric Turkewitz and all the volunteers for creating a memorable running adventure:-) Thank you NewRo Runners for your motivation and Inspiring achievements!!! (Carl Reid via Facebook)

This was the best and hardest race! Thank you so much Matt Lewis for helping me get there from NJ and all of the organizers!
Great day and great people! (Michelle Pollitte via Facebook)

That was a different race but I did it; half marathon 17 in the books. The hardest half marathon course I ever did. I survived it and I didn’t fall so that a win, win. This is the race I needed to get back on track for @nycmarathon. (Bushwickrunner via Instagram)

Easily the best race I have EVER been part of (and I am not saying that because I literally crossed thru over my own backyard – my dogs barking and all –  which is a far cry from the Verrazzano Bridge).  From the ease of bib pickup to the fun finish I could not have had a better race experience.

The medal is unlike any in my collection; I love the uniqueness of it. And the race shirt, WOW, so comfy I plan to wear it dare it say doing something other than running.  (Tara R. via email)

I ran my first Paine to Pain this past weekend.  It was AMAZING (I’m sure you know that). I really think a lot of credit must be given to the girl scouts at mile 11ish.  Without them I would have thrown myself into the pond and called it a life.  They told me I could do it, and by golly I did. I would hate to know what would happen if I disappointed a Girl Scout!!!

Until next year…  (Allyson Fricke, vi email)
Yesterday was my third Paine to Pain, first since covid.   I want to thank you.  I love this race, probably my favorite.  It’s much more than just running or just a race, it’s also about the people and the great energy you bring into the event. (Sara Parrode via email)

What a perfect day for a trail race!

Every year I look forward to this event, and every year I look for the “stupid cheap” rate sign-up so I can get the best deal in town!!  Amazing trail, the best food, shirt and metals you can get for the price.

Thank you so much for all you do to make P2P an epic adventure.  Rain or shine, I make the trip from Brooklyn to New Rochelle to be a part of the action.  Special thanks to all the volunteers that make it all possible.

Already looking forward to next year. (Mark Wellman via email)

Race Director’s Report (And Prize!) – 2022

Matt Baffuto at mile 6 on his way to shattering the course record. Eamonn Sullivan, who took 3rd, behind him.

I figured I was hoarse and coughing this morning after the race due to all the yelling I did. Maybe I shivered at night afterward  because we didn’t turn the house heat on yet? Sadly, that is not the case. I think you know where this is going, and it has nothing to do with coming up positive on a pregnancy test.  Just the other kind. If you were in close contact with me over the weekend, particularly indoors, keep an eye out for symptoms. And I apologize in advance if I inadvertently made anyone ill.

Now on to the race (and then the Race Director’s Prize). We had clear skies and temps in the high 40s to low 50s. Perfect running weather. No mud; My rain dance didn’t work.

And by the looks on your faces at the finish line, and the comments you made about it being “perfect,” I sensed that you were grateful for the rain dance failure.

For those that missed the champs crossing the finish line — almost all of you — we had not one repeat winner, but two.  That’s never happened before.

On the men’s side, defending champion Matt Baffuto crushed the course with a time of 1:15:16 —  a 5:45 pace!!! This bested the prior record of 1:17:54 held by 2019 champ Patrick Dooley (and runner-up this year), lopping a full two and one-half minutes off the course record.  Noteworthy that in coming in 2nd, Dooley also bested his prior record. Wowsa!

Following in 3rd, and just 14 seconds off the prior course record pace, was 19-year-old newcomer Eamonn Sullivan, who won the Leatherman’s Loop this past April.

On the women’s side, 2019 champ Joelle Reeves returned to claim her second crown, being one of only three women to ever crack the 1:30 barrier — and she has now done it twice. Lindsey Felling was runner-up, this being her third time on the podium and newcomer Nora Carroll grabbed third.

Was there any bigger story than the extraordinary accomplishments of those who took the overall podium?

Yes, yes there were.  You may not realize this, but we seemed to turn out a record number of volunteers this year. I have been blessed with outstanding volunteers.  You know this because you saw them.

You want a little peak into the kinds of things we need help with to put on this race? Designing shirts and medals, distributing them, placing (and removing) 13 miles of flags, registration and wave assignments, start/finish line set-ups, food coordination and set-up, tents and tables, placement of about 200 volunteers on race day, a treasurer to pay the bills, sending emails (our marketing!), three aid stations with water and medical (thank you Orange Theory and Girl Scouts!), transporting baggage, personal runner announcements as you approach the finish, music, municipal permits, four police departments, parking and signage, communications and results.

And food. Oh yes, and the food.  We are grateful to those that donated food so that you have something more than what other races give you. In this case, we had:

AJ’s BurgersBeechmont TavernSmokehouse; The Fresh MarketAthletic Brewing; and Amrita.

Let’s be realistic. There is no way anyone can put on a race like this  at such stupid-cheap prices without community support. (OK, there are none like this, but if there were.)

The numbers just don’t work. And that includes not just food donations, but the EMTs from Empress EMS, the wonderful staff of Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital and the therapists from Finish Line Physical Therapy.

And it includes financial support from Rye Subaru, New York-Presbyterian Sports Performance Institute and newcomer to P2P, Century 21 – Marciano. (Looking for a home near the trails?) And, of course, for 14 years running, the premier running store in Westchester, Westchester Road Runner.

We also had communications, both online with a brand new and enthusiastic webmaster, Arun with a View Media, and on the trails with the ham radio operators from the Westchester Emergency Communications Association.

So yeah, a lot of people and sponsors  involved!

And now I have to pick one person from the staggering number of runners and volunteers to award the coveted Race Director’s Prize, given in my absolute and dictatorial discretion (<insert maniacal laughter>).

The award started when a runner turned a cartwheel coming down the home stretch, and has gone in the past to those who assisted injured runners, blocked cars trying to come onto the course, or simply inspired others.

Each of the last three races Lucille Renwick has acted as sweeper along with Scout. She encourages those in the back of the pack, keeps them going, and exemplifies everything about the spirit of the race. She is, based on the reports I get from others, the epitome of joyful enthusiasm while out there.

And so, by the powers vested in me, by me, because there’s no one to overrule a Grand Poobah, I award Lucille this prize (free entry into next year’s race.) Of course, since this is a different kind of volunteer — one who sacrifices her own race so that others can run —  she wasn’t paying to begin with. So if she elects to volunteer again next year in the same capacity, she may gift her free entry to any friend or relative she chooses.

Race date for next year is October 8th, once again falling on Columbus (Indigenous Peoples) Day weekend!!!!

And now, if you will excuse me, I will attempt to treat myself with chocolate chip cookies.  Because why not?

One last thing. Watch this lovely video of the race from Breen Brothers:

Paine to Pain 2022 from Breen Brothers on Vimeo.