Race is filling up

Paine to Pain is rapidly filling up. We have 200 slots available and 70% of those are gone to pre-registrants. While difficult to predict since we are such a new race, it now appears likely that we will sell out in advance of race day.

And my apologies to those that left comments in the past. I’ve never used WordPress before and was unaware the comments had been left.

Fun on Foot – Tons of local trails visited

funonfootI was sent a copy of Fun on Foot to review. Why? Because despite the Colonial Greenway being just one year old, it has already entered the literary sphere.

Is it a stretch to call a book on trails literary? Perhaps. But whatever you call it, you should know that it is chock full of great information and maps on trails throughout the New York metro area. The book covers everything you would want to know about the trails, from transportation to them to available nearby services to, of course, the distances and terrain to be covered.

But it isn’t only filled with useful and up-to-date information, it is also laid out well. As anyone who has ever used a guide book knows, having good information is one thing, and finding it is another. Fun on Foot handles both and handles them well.

So if you are looking to run new trails — or to just take the kids on a local hike in the woods — you’ll find this to be a valuable addition to a home library on things to do and places to go.

And on  bonus note, author Warwick Ford has sent me several copies to raffle off at the end of Paine to Pain. Gotta love that.

Paine Race Track — After the Rain

I ran the Paine to Pain loop both this past weekend and the weekend before as part of Boston prep, both times after a good rain. And the verdict? The trails have some drainage issues, but not enough to keep a runner off them so long as you don’t mind getting a little dirty.

All of the trails that are part of the official race course are navigable after a good rain. The Leatherstocking has some drainage issues in the New Rochelle section that need attention, but small side tracks generally take you around them. The Mamaroneck section is good.

Saxon Woods is almost all good, though it has two notable mud holes where we want to run the race this year, but nothing terrible and easy to skip around. Twin Lakes and Nature Study Woods have the same problems.

So if you were worried that rain would make the trails impassible, it is an unfounded worry. When the trails are dry, they are magnificent. When wet, merely good. And a hell of a lot better than training on the roads.


Registration Is Now Open!

Registration for Paine to Pain 2009 is now open!  As you can see from the main page, we’re starting with a gunshot on October 4th. To say we are excited is an understatement.

Based on the enthusiastic reviews last year when we put this race on with short notice, we think there’s a pretty good chance we will sell out this year. So our suggestion is to register early, which also saves you 10 bucks. Our best case scenario is that we are sold out well in advance and therefore don’t have to spend time with late registration issues when we would rather be marking the trail and getting the race ready.

We will use this blog for periodic updates, so if you have an RSS feed, we suggest you use it. If you don’t have an RSS feed, we suggest you learn, because it is ridiculously easy. You’ll have updated information pushed to your RSS feed without having to actually visit the site looking for updates.

And if you know folks who want to volunteer, either on race day or as part of the organizational effort, please let me know. You can email me at Eric [at] TurkewitzLaw [dot] com.