Price Increase after Aug 17!

The race is coming! The race is coming! Woo hoo!!

Of course it’s hot out there, it’s August!  But it won’t be August much longer.

Pretty soon the cool dry air of fall will bring on the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon on October 8th!!!  Woo hoo!!!

And this is the most important part of why I write:  At this moment, the price for this race is just $55!  (Woo hoo again!) Ridiculously cheap, I know. But it goes up to $65 when the clock strikes 12:01 am Friday, August 18th.  (Register here)

Don’t screw this up and pay more! And don’t let your friends screw this up. Pass them this post! Or print and send by carrier pigeon.  A very fast carrier pigeon.

And off we go with a few quick updates…there will be a test at the end…

1.          Price Increase:
You opened this email after the 17th?  Tough noogies — serves you right for ignoring my missives. (Registration link) Sign up now to avoid the pain. Get it? I know, I’m good.

How does NewRo Runners put on a race this awesome at such a stupid price? First off, we don’t get paid. Not even me. Call it a labor of love, or a third child. Whatever you call it, this baby is non-profit.  Net proceeds go into the trails or local charities.

2.         It Doesn’t Happen Without Sponsors:
The second reason P2P is financially accessible to the whole community?  We have great sponsors that help defray the costs with money, services, safety and logistics.

And joining the P2P family this year as a top end sponsor: The North Face! And we again have the generous personnel support of Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital at the finish line and Empress EMS at our aid stations. Orange Theory of Mamaroneck will return this year to commandeer the first water stop to make sure you’re hydrated and Finish Line PT will be there to help your sore body at the finish. And, for the 15th race in a row, Westchester Road Runner will help with the logistics of pre-race bib distribution. And those are just a few that help make this race, at this ridiculous price, a reality.

And for those feeling guilty leaving the kiddos at home while you run…bring them!  At the Finish Line Festival, they can enjoy fit-tastic activities with another new sponsor, NeverStopMoving365, a team of youth movement specialists. They will have equipment set up for ages 3 – 13 to explore, play and practice while they wait for their family to finish.

Looking for a home near the trail?  Century 21 Marciano will once again be there to point out how you can roll out of your bed and onto these trails!

3.         Registration:
I never know from year to year exactly how many runners will show up, but we usually get 700+. This year we already have over 600 registered. Want to know why this info is so important?  We need to know within the next week how many shirts and medals to order!  We don’t want to come up short and the Grand Poobah certainly doesn’t want a bunch of excess at P2P Global HQ.  Mrs. Poobah would not be happy. Trust me.

And then there’s the food that we must order. Oh yeah. We aim to provide the best post-race food for any race in the country. (I have modest ambitions.)

So the earlier we know, the better for all.  And the cheaper for you. Win-win. Don’t delay registering. Don’t delay telling your friends.  And don’t get stuck paying a premium for registering late.

Lastly, there will be no in-person registrations! That’s gone the way of the floppy disk.

4.         Volunteers:
The shirts, medals, live music, free photos, exceptional food, and great trail are all great. But not only are sponsors critical, races don’t happen without volunteers. And our first-in-class volunteers – we get about 200 each year – can now start signing up!  See that link? Yeah, that’s the place to go. Pick the spot you want while it’s early!

We need you!

5.         P2P Preview
Every year we do a preview of the race, where you can come and run with our guides. Not a race!  This year it is Sunday, September 24th. Details here.

6.         Chicago
It has come to my attention that the Chicago Marathon is the same day as P2P. And they refuse to move it for me. So, if you were trying to decide if you wanted to run there to be a small fish in a big pond, or stay here to be a big fish in a small pond, remember this:  October 8th is also the date the Great Chicago Fire started in 1871.  Do you really want to be there for that anniversary?

Final notes for those who’ve never run Paine to Pain and are toying with the idea: This is the most fun, best organized, and dollar-for-dollar finest foot race in the New York metro area. Ask any friend or frenemy who has run it! Feel free to read the comments of others if you think I might be a tad biased as I sit here typing in my Race Director’s colonial tricorn hat.

The link to register is here!

Paine to Pain Preview

NewRo Runners, the group that organizes the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon, will host our 2023 Preview of the course on Sunday, September 24th at 8:00 am. Woo hoooo!

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we can start promptly.

All runners are invited to join us, whether you’re signed up for the race or not, and whether you want to run the full monty or just a section (see below).

This is not a race, but simply a guided running tour of the P2P course, which NewRo Runners does  as one of our regular weekend group runs.

We usually get 50-75 people and we usually have about 10 trail leaders since there are no flags on the course.  If you know the course and can lead, please email me privately.

We will have multiple groups – which we coyly designate as fast, medium and slow, because tall, grande and venti didn’t seem right.  The groupings will generally (and very loosely) be:

  • Fastest – Training for 3:30 marathon or faster (or 1:40 ½-marathon)
  • Medium – Training for 3:30 – 4:15 marathon (or 1:40 – 2:10  ½-marathon)
  • Slower – Training for 4:15-5:00 hour marathon (All runners should be capable of running a 2:30 half marathon on the street – please, no walkers.)

Distancing between groups of runners will happen naturally as speedier runners take flight. Leaders will pause at major junctions so others in their groups can catch up.

There are no fees, no services, and you don’t have to be a member of NewRo Runners to join us. We do this once a year as one of our  weekly group runs,  and invite others to join us so we can show you our little runners’ playground.

Just send me an email, tweet (@PaineToPain), Instagram message (@PaineToPain) or mention on our Facebook page, so that I have a sense of how big our crowd will be, and let me know which group you think you might run with. You can always change groups on the spot, or mid-run if you don’t like the teeny, tiny, tiger-striped shorts of the guy in front of you.

Important!!  We do not meet at the starting line for P2P! We start, instead, at the trailhead for the Leatherstocking Trail. This is at the corner of Pinebrook Boulevard and Hillside Crescent in New Rochelle. (See map) There is parking available on Hillside Crescent.

There is one water fountain along the way, inside the Saxon Woods Golf Club, which has bathrooms as well, and is at the 6.8-ish-mile mark.

Your options are:

  • 5.6 miles — Out and back on the Leatherstocking trail, which is marked.
  • 10 miles — Stay with the group through Saxon Woods until we head south down the Hutchinson River Trail (after passing the golf course) and then bail out on Pinebrook Boulevard at mile 8-ish.  This is the same street we started on, but two miles to the north. Then just run on Pinebrook (going left) back to the start. There are no turns to make after leaving the group.
  • 13+  —The full monty. As an extra bonus, instead of running the Broadview hill at the start of the race, you get to run it at the end when you are tired.

Please let me know if you will be able to join us.

Eric @

Registration for 2023 is Now Open!!!!

And ……we’re off and running….!!!  Registration is now open!!   Race date is October 8th!!! [Register here]

And yet again the Early Bird discounted price is just $50!!!  Yes! Just! Fifty! Bucks!

Forget all that crap you heard about inflation! We laugh in its eyes! Bwaaa, hahahaaa!

But that Early Bird price is only good through the end of May.  So tell your friends and don’t screw this up!

What do you get for half a Benji?  The best 1/2 marathon this side of the Mississippi! Great shirts! Medals! Photos! Live music! Food! 200 incredible volunteers! Girl Scout cookies!  Post-race massage! Me! (Just not in the biblical sense; Mrs. Grand Poobah may not approve.)

And who else starts their race with a gunshot from a colonial musket? They made the British run, didn’t they?

Is NewRo Runners an awesome club, or what!?!

And bonus!  On October 8th, way back in 1919, there was the first ever round-trip, transcontinental air race, with 63 planes!  5,400 miles! The winner finished in three days and 21 hours. Running Paine to Pain should be a comparative cake walk! (P2P not liable for dropped cakes…must add to the disclaimer.)

Now with that complete non-sequitur dispensed with, we have five pieces of news!!!

1.         As with last year there is no longer a vaccination requirement due to the enormous success of the program. (Yay science!) (Policy here).

2.         Registration opens tomorrow!  For one of the great trail races in the whole galaxy! About 90% of this course is in the cool shade of the trees, just four short train stopsfrom midtown Manhattan!
Is the run any damn good?  In my completely unbiased opinion as Founder, Race Director and Grand Poobah for all 14 prior years, it’s an even better than Cannonball Run!  Yes, it’s that good!
Read the reviews from 2022! Or 2021!  Or 2019! Or 2018! Or 2017! Or 2016! Or 2015! Or 2014! Or 2013! Or 2012!

3.         Camping on site! In order to assist out-of-town runners, and a dearth of cheap hotel rooms, we are arranging overnight camping right at the staging area! Limit of 30 campers, at just $15/head with the money going to the Thomas Paine Cottage.   To participate, when registering, answer “yes” to the question, “Do you want to purchase an onsite camping permit for the night before the race?” To  learn more, see our camping rules.

4.         Activities for Kids! (First Year!):  Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NeverStopMoving365, we will for the first time have kids’ activities right by the finish line, on the field inside the track at New Rochelle High School. Kids can play with their families while they wait for finishers! There will be organized activities, too! (stay tuned…)

5.         Paine to Pain is part of the Trail Mix Series!! Read all about six great trail races at that link.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

And thank you once again to last year’s top sponsors:
▪   Westchester Road Runner
▪   Montefiore New Rochelle
▪   Empress EMS
▪   NewRo Runners

Eric Turkewitz
Founder, Race Director, Grand Poobah
(Mrs. Poobah threatened divorce over use of Race Overlord or Darth Turkey).
Paine to Pain Trail 1/2 Marathon
Westchester County, NY
Daytime phone: 212-983-5900
Instagram: @PaineToPain
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Stupid-Cheap Registration Opens for 2023!

Inflation you say? We stick a gooey running gel in thine eyes as we briefly open registration for 2023 at the same initial price as last year!

But first, the Paine to Pain 2022 race is in the books! The results are out!  The thousands of free photos are out! The Race Director’s prize awarded! Race Reviews are going in! And people are gently fondling their race medals and shirts!

And now  … registration has just opened for Paine to Pain 2023, with a tentative date of October 8th! Put it in your calendar now!

Woo hoooooo!!!!!

And we are doing it for the Stupid-Cheap®©™ price of $40! Yes, you read that right:


Why sell entries for such a Stupid-Cheap®©™ price?

Two reasons:

    1. Those that register a full year in advance do so because they love the race, and that means they’ll tell their friends about it. [Hint. Hint.] We’re not shy about this: Word of mouth has always been our best marketing!! (OK, fine, it’s usually our only marketing. And it’s not like we have a press agent.)
    2. And we know that the best laid plans of mice and runners often skitter astray, and that many of you won’t be able to make it.Some will get hurt. Or injured. Or ill. Or pregnant. Or be told there’s a wedding for your third cousin twice removed that you’re not allowed to miss because your Great Uncle Sam (who you really don’t like but are too polite to say) might be there. Will you make it to the start line?  It’s like legalized gambling!

This comes with the same two big, hairy caveats we have each year, of course:

    1. It assumes we get our permits from the various municipalities for that date; and
    2. There is, as always, a no-refund, no-exchange policy.

That’s right: You get the race, the medal, the shirt, the music, the massages, the food, more food, yet more food, and world-class, can’t be beat, volunteers that would make former New Rochelle resident Norman Rockwell burst with pride.  And maybe even mile 11-ish Girl Scout cookies again! Norm would like that!

(Not-so-random thought: If Norman Rockwell and Thomas Paine put a race on, what would it look like? If you answered P2P you have uncovered my super-secret stategery!)

Registration is open for just three days! Did you get that?

Just. Three. Friggen. Days.

Register Here

The rush to register each year is like the Running  of the Brides at a bridal gown sale! (More dangerous than trail running!)

But if you blow this stupid-cheap early registration — and many of you will because you can’t help yourselves — we will re-open on April 22nd, Earth Day, at our usual early-bird rate of $50. Still cheap! But not stupid-cheap! Stupid-cheap is a big, hairy discount off regular cheap!

And we once again thank our wonderful sponsors and supporters from this past year’s ridiculously successful race:




Supporting Sponsors

and in cooperation with



Eric Turkewitz
Race Director, NewRo Runners

Paine to Pain Trail 1/2 Marathon
Westchester County, NY
Daytime phone: 212-983-5900

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Instagram: @PaineToPain
Facebook: Paine To Pain
(Notice a social media pattern?)

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