Camping at Thomas Paine Cottage

New for 2018: We’ve never done camping before, and it is entirely experimental. If we screw this up – by being loud, or drunk – then we’ll never get permission again.

This is critical because the “campground” is the actual start area for the race. Those that have run it before know that the staging area sits by a residential street. You’d be able to hit one of the houses with a Nerf Ball, you’re so close.

The location is 20 Sicard Ave., New Rochelle.

So, Rules:

  1. Limit of 30 people. Price is $15 per person, with the funds going to the Thomas Paine Cottage
  2. Tents go on the large grassy area in front of the (squeaky clean) port-o- potties.  There are no designated “sites.” Use your judgment to keep some elbow room between tents.
  3. We’ll open a couple of toilets for you the evening before.
  4. There’s a hose for water. (And there will be showers at the finish line in the high school locker room)
  5. No open fires. Camp stoves are OK.
  6. Parking is on abutting Paine Avenue, as we arrive early and need Sicard to unload. Also, do not park on Broadview as that is the race course, and I’ll burn your tent down with you in it if you try such a trick.
  7. There’s plenty of modest eateries on North Avenue (Iona College is right there). We highly recommend AJ’s Burgers, as the food is good, varied and AJ has been a P2P sponsor for many years. Please say hello for me if you go.
  8. Wake up is early. We arrive for set-up at 5:30 (so you can’t park on Sicard) and need to be done by 7:00 when the first runners come streaming in. Tents must be packed away in your cars by 7:00.
  9. Don’t get drunk.
  10. Don’t be loud.
  11. Expect the police and neighbors to come check you out, like animals in a zoo, as no one has ever before done something like this in the neighborhood.

Last updated: September 6, 2018