Race is filling up

Paine to Pain is rapidly filling up. We have 200 slots available and 70% of those are gone to pre-registrants. While difficult to predict since we are such a new race, it now appears likely that we will sell out in advance of race day.

And my apologies to those that left comments in the past. I’ve never used WordPress before and was unaware the comments had been left.

9 thoughts on “Race is filling up”

  1. There are two bridges in Saxon Woods, both of which I believe you cross during this race, which are under construction and impassable at this time (there is a 5 foot gap at each where streams flow). Do you know if they will be finished by the day of the race?
    Judy Rubin

  2. Glad to see the second annual Pain-to-Pain Classic is coming off with a gusto. Wish i could be there!

  3. We only have about 30-35 slots left at this point, so I’m guessing sell-out.

    And you can be sure that we wish you were back here to join us for the run.

  4. Judy:

    Thanks for letting us know. Only one of the two bridges will come into play for the race, that being the one between the driveway to the Saxon Woods parking area for the gazebo and the tunnel under the Hutch.

    We’ve been in touch with County Parks about the issue. One way or another, we’re getting across that stream.

  5. Hi- is there a spot along the way that is easy for spectators (a 3 and 5 year old and their mom) to reach?

  6. The Saxon Woods bridge is up… I ran over it on Saturday (though they were still working on the trail around the bridge– shoving dirt around)

  7. There are two very easy spots in Saxon Woods to watch where you can literally drive right up.

    One is at approx mile 6.8, which is accessed by going into the parking lot for the Saxon Woods pool (off Mamaroneck Ave). In the back of the lot, by the woods, sits a house. The trail race goes right across the driveway of this house. If it rains, your family can literally pull up to one of the parking spots in front of the house and watch from the car. After you pass by, the family just jumps right back on the Hutch and heads back down to New Rochelle to see you finish.

    The second spot is also in Saxon Woods (mile 7.5), at the clubhouse for the golf course (Mamaroneck Road). The race comes down the trail next to the exit ramp from the Hutch and the clubhouse. (On your right as you face the clubhouse). Ample parking at the golf course.

    And once you pass, they once again can just jump right on the Hutch and head back to New Ro.

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