Paine to Pain Price Increase!

Kelsey Luoma flies over the trails in route to becoming the 2017 Women’s Champion.

OK, a coupla things. One has to do with money (the price goes up after August 15th) and the other with race updates.

First the updates: In 2008, a grand total of 50 people ran this race. The last three years, we averaged 700 (from 975 registered). And now? We are over 30% ahead of that, with 750 registered, and on track for the biggest, grandest, Paine to Pain ever.

But. And you knew there had to be a “but” didn’t you? We will not oversell the race – we will not swamp the trail with too many runners.

The shirts, medals, music, water bottles, free photos, enthusiastic volunteers, exceptional food and most awesomest race director around are all sweet perks, and all being planned, but race logistics have always been the nuts and bolts of putting on this race through the woods.

We will run 5 waves again. If we get too many people signing up in the closing weeks we will shut down registration. You’ve been warned.

Race date is October 7th (Columbus Day Sunday for you out-of-towners looking for a chance to visit the area.

But not only is the race great, but it remains cheap, cheap, cheap!  We announced eons ago that you would have through August 15th – Wednesday night! —  to register for a price of just $55. And we will keep that promise. Then the price goes up again!

Fiddy-five bucks!! That’s it! For the best damn trail half this side of the Mississippi? Actually, the best damn trail half on either side of the Mississippi!

How good is this race? Ask anyone that has done it, or read the comments of others from 2015.  If you think we’ve slept on our laurels, check out what runners had to say last year.

The link to register is here!

Sponsors are lining up to return, as we speak, including these on the top line: Westchester Road Runner (all 11 years!)  NewRo Chevy (again), Montefiore New Rochelle Hospital (we hope you don’t need them), Empress EMS (please, please, don’t need them either) and Finish Line PT (step right up!!).

OK, that’s it for now: Don’t screw this up!!! Register here!

Hey, ho – let’s go!

Eric Turkewitz
Race Director
Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon
Westchester County, NY

Real Job:
The Turkewitz Law Firm
228 East 45th Street – 17th Floor
New York, NY 10017