7 Things to Know

With the race just weeks away, please take note of important stuff!

  1. The Paine to Pain Preview is September 23th at 8 am. Come join NewRo Runners for a course check. You don’t have to be signed up for the race to participate. There are no fees. The run is self-supported and running guides will lead various pace groups. In order to accommodate those that want to run shorter distances, the race will not start at the P2P start line. Details are here.
  2. Free photos! You read that right, we’ll once again have professional photographers out there on the course and then we’ll give you those hi-res digital photos for nothin’. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch. More free!!! Woo hoo!!! We’ll try to catch your favorite side — the one with most mud if we’re lucky enough to get rain.
  3. If you haven’t registered yet, WHAT THE HELL HAVE YA’ BEEN WAITING FOR!? Do it now. Don’t screw this up because we may well sell this sucker out (we are 27% ahead of last year’s registration pace, as I type) even though we’re planning on 5 waves. Delay at your own risk.  As the great Brian Wilson said, “Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world.” And as I said, “Miss the wave and you’re a putz.
  4. Ultra Runners – Interested in running 26.2 on race day? We bring this feature back due to popular demand! If you’d like to do a “warm up lap” before the race, please shoot us an email. (The warm-up lap is not a race, not timed, unsupported and will likely be dark when you set off. These are features, not bugs.)
  5. Volunteer sign-up has begun! As every runner knows, races don’t happen without volunteers. Period. This year we turn to an online sign-up system. If you aren’t running, we need you!
  6. Camping! For the first time ever, we are hoping for permission from New Rochelle to allow limited camping right at the start line the night before the race, thereby making it easier for people living outside the region to come run.  Small tents, no open fires, very limited availability, wake up early. Stay tuned for details!
  7. Other Races: P2P is, as many of you know, part of the Trail Mix Series. These two races precede ours, if you want to prep for P2P:

Where the Pavement Ends – September 16th, 4.25 miles
Sarah Bishop Bushwhack – September 30th, 10K

The P2P course is in great shape. At the moment. Without a major storm dropping trees in our way.

Also, we welcome back Westchester Road Runner of White Plains, sponsoring this race for the 11th consecutive year!  And New Rochelle Chevrolet, which has sent pace cars up Broadview in years past (and, ahem, had ample chocolate chip cookies at the finish line).

And if your injuries are more hardcore than muscle fatigue – and let’s hope that isn’t the case – Empress EMS will be out there on the course again at the three aid stations and Montefiore New Rochelle will (wo)man the finish line medical tent!

We’re lining up food and other sponsors as we type!! We’re excited!!

Race day is my favorite day! — OK, after my anniversary, and wife and kids’ birthdays…I’m required by law to say that …hi honey! did you get to the bottom of this long email I just sent to a few thousand of my nearest and dearest?

One thought on “7 Things to Know”

  1. Holy cow Eric!

    What an incredible job you have done from our first runs through the trails 20 years ago. So I’m sitting at our regular Wed night poker game 2 days ago and a friend tells me of his latest running event, this time in New Rochelle (he knew I used to live there) on trails through the woods. Oh really I say, I used to run trails in New Rochelle with a guy who was planning to put a trail race together. Well sure enough we both end up talking about you.

    I just looked over your P2P website. Really awesome job what you have accomplished. 800 runners!!!

    Wish you more success in the future.


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