Race Reviews – 2018

Patrice Kenner, 2x Yonkers Marathon champ and 3x P2P age group winner.

Well, someone’s got to aggregate the reviews, and I sure as hell ain’t waiting for Runner’s World to do it.

The reviews for 2018 that I’ve found are below, mostly from Facebook and Instagram. If it came via email, rest assured I publish only with permission. I’ll put up more when (and if) they come in to me:

Lots of fun breaking the tape at the Paine to Pain Trail Half. Nothing like throwing it down on the hills and mud of the adopted hometown trails. Shoutout to Eric and all the volunteers for a truly unique, awesome event! (Tom Dilberto, Men’s Champion)

That is a beautiful set of trails, smartly connected, and tended with great support along the way. Thanks for a fun race. (Chris DeMuth, Jr., via Facebook)

This is not just the best trail race anywhere near NYC, but IMO the best race period. (If anyone knows any nearby race that gives you more bang for your buck, please tell me so I can go run it.) (Tim Decker, 10-time finisher, in post-race note to the NY Flyers via Facebook)

The race was incredibly well-run, super easy to get to from the city and the post-race festival was great – highly recommend! (@EatForEndurance, via Instagram)

It was a great race and the post finish food, service, etc was the best experience I ever had. Seriously. And I have been all over the world running races. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into this race. It’s indeed something very special. (Christian S., via email)

David Isaac

This was a great race, and all you volunteers were amazing!! (Meagan Reilly, via Facebook)

The girl scouts were great. Thanks to all who made this event happen. It was the community of big and small, from the uniformed to the ones banging on a cowbell, that make this event so special.

Something about P2P…being an away race but not too far away…the unique start, the enthusiasm on the course, and the post race party atmosphere…it keeps me coming back. (Heidi Chadwick, via Facebook on P2P and NY Flyers pages)

This was my first year running the Paine to Pain race. I enjoyed the race, everything from the musket rifles sounding the start, my name of the bid, the great course, really like the t-shirt design and the finish area music/ food. (Jeff Koren via email)

Highlights Include:

– Being used as a pole to catch someone’s fall

– Getting slapped in the face by a tree branch

– Seeing some happy doggos on the trail 🐕

– Running through streams and various piles of mud

– That majestic finish on the field

… today I learned that trail running is hella hard but fun. (@run_meghan_run, via Instagram)

Sometimes you need to do a race to remember why you like running so much. Paine to Pain was such race. Had so much fun running the trails of Westchester. Soul feels pretty charged. (@vikmanjj via Instagram)

I had a blast at the race yesterday!  As always you put on a first class production with all the bells  and whistles.  If only you could find a way to get 1/3 back of that sweat equity with costs and expenses off the top! Hope you are taking some time today to relax.

I am still working though some aches and pains that I don’t normally get when running around Brooklyn.  I only wish I had those kinds of trails and scenery near my apartment.  I was wearing your race day shirt all around Park Slope yesterday.  Got many complements.  Apparently your design is cool with the hipster crowd. (Mark Wellman, via email)

That was a beautiful race!! It’s not an easy trail but was so well kept, thanks in large part to the mission of this race and the New Rochelle Runners. Thank you Eric for inviting all of us to enjoy your trails. I’ll be back in the years to come and my fellow running friends should too. “Of all the roads you travel in life make some of them dirt.” (@RunEatWorkRepeat via Instagram)

Heather Baden

Awesome race! Great support and trails are really well maintained. (Sarah Scott Davis, via Facebook)

I got in on the stupid cheap pricing same time last year when I discovered I really enjoy running in the woods. It was such a great race this past weekend on those well-maintained trails (courtesy of this race’s fund raising mission and the New Rochelle Runners). The post race party with live music and hot food was unexpected but so lovely after giving all your effort getting to that finish line. Ok, after this, don’t tell anybody else about this gem of a race. I don’t want Eric to do away with the stupid-pricing or raise the prices (Andrew Tse, via Facebook NY Flyers page)

Thanks for staging a fantastic event! (@Swein via Instagram)

You guys did a fantastic job and I’m going to recommend this race to all my friends. (@thelifeofdona via Instagram)

You guys put on a great event again; thank you for the amazing effort. (David Isaac, via Instagram)

You put on a great race. (@ijcreations via Instagram)

Thanks again Eric Turkewitz for making Paine to Pain a fun and unique experience. It’s always challenging no matter what the conditions are. This year will be remembered for the mud and the humidity. I had an absolute blast! Keep up the good work. I will continue to spread the word about this truly great running event (Michael Wolf, via Facebook)

Thanks to Eric Turkewitz, the New Ro Runners and all the volunteers and organizers for another great Paine to Pain Half. The Prospect Park Track Club loves this race and we’ll be back next year! (Murray Rosenblith, via Facebook)

Excellent organization and super fun! The post-race party has tons of great food, etc.  (Danny Gallegos, via Facebook)

They call him “Finisher.”

Eric Turkewitz
Race Director

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