Thank You 2021 Volunteers!!

L to R: Three New Runners founders, Mark Medin, Steven Stein and David Brot.

Well, that was fun, right?  And exhausting.

And we ran out of volunteer shirts.  How did that happen?  Because come race day, volunteers poured out from the community. More than we’ve ever had.

Paine to Pain was a huge success because of you.  You.  You did it. Time and again the runners told me how wonderful our volunteers were. Helpful. Smiling. Making sure stuff happened.

I say this every year and I say it again:  This race doesn’t happen without volunteers.

You guys are it.

The race has lots of moving parts, no pun intended. But when things needed to get done, you just did them.  I only found out later.

I did my best to meet and greet so that runners would have a great time, and you guys did all the hard work while I once again stood up there and got the credit as if it were possible for one person to do it all. It isn’t, and I didn’t. We all did it together.

Anyone can come up with plans. But it’s the execution of those plans that takes work. And you executed.

Here’s my annual review of the various “jobs” that we had to take care of. While my recap of the race has the look and feel of the runner’s perspective, this is what “backstage” of Paine to Pain looks like:

Updating web site

Designing shirt

Distributing shirts

Designing medal

Distributing medals

Planting/removing signs

Online registration

Creating covid policy

Vaccination checks

Bike marshals for Broadview

Setting up start/finish line banners

Ordering tents, tables and chairs (start and finish)

Placing tents and tables

Shopping for start/finish line goods

Manning intersections

Organizing close to 200 volunteers

Data analysis to determine in August how many will show in October

Wave assignments

Bib distribution

Creating income statement

Writing checks / tracking invoices/payments

Finding restaurants to donate food

Getting that food to the finish

Ordering water/additional food/utensils/cups/plates for finish

Feeding people / staffing food stations

Manning three aid stations (and arranging water for them)

Medical coverage for three aid stations and finish line

Finding and coordinating sponsors

Firing muskets and establishing colonial theme

Music – start line and finish

Establishing massage stations

Securing and transporting baggage

Maintaining email list and sending out mass emails

Laying out, and then sweeping  ~500 flags

Supervising cheerleaders

Announcing arriving runners to the finish

Obtaining permits

Obtaining insurance for every municipality and sponsor

Coordinating four police departments

Coordinating parking

Race day communications via ham radio

Finalizing results and fixing scoring errors

Clean-up and pack-up at the end.

That’s a lot!  It’s pretty remarkable for an all-volunteer running club!

All of your effort shows. Year after year the glowing reviews come in that you guys nailed the execution of the race, and each year we exceed the stellar reviews of prior ones. I’m not sure how you top A+, but you managed. it. Again. It’s the volunteers that turn a mere footrace into a piece of performance art.

It. Doesn’t. Happen. Without. You.

There. I said it again.