Stupid-Cheap Registration Opens for 2023!

Inflation you say? We stick a gooey running gel in thine eyes as we briefly open registration for 2023 at the same initial price as last year!

But first, the Paine to Pain 2022 race is in the books! The results are out!  The thousands of free photos are out! The Race Director’s prize awarded! Race Reviews are going in! And people are gently fondling their race medals and shirts!

And now  … registration has just opened for Paine to Pain 2023, with a tentative date of October 8th! Put it in your calendar now!

Woo hoooooo!!!!!

And we are doing it for the Stupid-Cheap®©™ price of $40! Yes, you read that right:


Why sell entries for such a Stupid-Cheap®©™ price?

Two reasons:

    1. Those that register a full year in advance do so because they love the race, and that means they’ll tell their friends about it. [Hint. Hint.] We’re not shy about this: Word of mouth has always been our best marketing!! (OK, fine, it’s usually our only marketing. And it’s not like we have a press agent.)
    2. And we know that the best laid plans of mice and runners often skitter astray, and that many of you won’t be able to make it.Some will get hurt. Or injured. Or ill. Or pregnant. Or be told there’s a wedding for your third cousin twice removed that you’re not allowed to miss because your Great Uncle Sam (who you really don’t like but are too polite to say) might be there. Will you make it to the start line?  It’s like legalized gambling!

This comes with the same two big, hairy caveats we have each year, of course:

    1. It assumes we get our permits from the various municipalities for that date; and
    2. There is, as always, a no-refund, no-exchange policy.

That’s right: You get the race, the medal, the shirt, the music, the massages, the food, more food, yet more food, and world-class, can’t be beat, volunteers that would make former New Rochelle resident Norman Rockwell burst with pride.  And maybe even mile 11-ish Girl Scout cookies again! Norm would like that!

(Not-so-random thought: If Norman Rockwell and Thomas Paine put a race on, what would it look like? If you answered P2P you have uncovered my super-secret stategery!)

Registration is open for just three days! Did you get that?

Just. Three. Friggen. Days.

Register Here

The rush to register each year is like the Running  of the Brides at a bridal gown sale! (More dangerous than trail running!)

But if you blow this stupid-cheap early registration — and many of you will because you can’t help yourselves — we will re-open on April 22nd, Earth Day, at our usual early-bird rate of $50. Still cheap! But not stupid-cheap! Stupid-cheap is a big, hairy discount off regular cheap!

And we once again thank our wonderful sponsors and supporters from this past year’s ridiculously successful race:




Supporting Sponsors

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Eric Turkewitz
Race Director, NewRo Runners

Paine to Pain Trail 1/2 Marathon
Westchester County, NY
Daytime phone: 212-983-5900

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Twitter: @PaineToPain
Instagram: @PaineToPain
Facebook: Paine To Pain
(Notice a social media pattern?)

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The Turkewitz Law Firm
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