Paine to Pain Joins Trail Mix Series!

Paine to Pain has now joined the Trail Mix Race Series! This is a group of races organized to help promote trail running in Westchester and southern Connecticut.

The Trail Mix was founded by our friends at the legendary Leatherman’s Loop, which is preparing for its 32nd running on April 22, 2018 — that would be Earth Day, and the same day that registration for Paine to Pain opens each year.

It was the Loop that provided one of the inspirations for P2P, even though I had not yet run it.  It’s deservedly epic reputation preceded my eventual appearance at its start line. The concept of people racing over fields and single track, through rivers and mud, sounded just glorious to someone who’d paced a few too many miles across asphalt.

Entry to the Loop is now by lottery since the race sells out.

But there’s another way to get in, and that is to participate in the Trail Mix races — thus promoting trail running, parks and a generally healthy year-round lifestyle.

There will now be seven Trail Mix races, and if you run in four of them you get automatic selection in the Loop Lottery when you enter it the next year. And there are also awards for those running in the series.

This is now the full list of races in the Trail Mix Series (Leatherman’s is obviously closed already)