The No Refund / No Exchange Policy (And Why We Have It)

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Sad-smiley faceWe know that some people that registered for the race won’t show up. This happens in all races and is something we account for when doing our planning. (Update: In 2011 our no-show rate was 27% with heavy rain before the event, and in 2012 it was 23% in ideal conditions.)

Some people will ask about refunds, deferments to the following year, or transfers to another runner, and some might be unhappy when we say no. But if we say no, the least we can do is offer you the reasons:

1. We don’t have any staff to deal with the requests we will get; with 200 no-shows in 2012, you can understand the scale of the issue. The race is organized by a non-profit running group, and our race committee is 100% volunteer; and

2. The reason we can keep the price of the race so low is because we factor in these no-shows.  There will be injuries, weddings, inclement weather and other parts of life that affect our plans for races we may have signed up for months in advance. We account for this in the registration process and it is one of the reasons we offer lower prices for early registrations.

Transferring numbers is also a headache, as it messes with the age group results. If a 30-year-old runs with the number for a 50-year-old, that person will foul up the age group standings. In February 2012 a marathon winner was disqualified for running with a friend’s bib. We will do the same, and reserve the right to ban you from future events. But we really, really don’t want to do that. We just want to have fun and raise money to improve the trails.

So please don’t try to use another person’s bib, not just because it’s against our rules or you fear our wrath, but because those rules were created for real reasons. If we did deferments/exchanges/refunds we would have to first find more volunteers to handle the task, and then account for these items by raising the price. Yuck.

In essence, we hope you understand our simple-stupid approach meets our desire to do four simultaneous things:

  1.  Put on a top quality event;
  2.  Keep the registration fees modest;
  3.  Maximize the efforts of our volunteers toward race-related duties; and
  4.  Raise money to improve the trails.

Update: This is why we limit the number of runners.


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    […] to next year?  A: No.  Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.  See this article for some reasons […]

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