Public Transit from New York City (Easy!)

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New Rochelle is close to the city on the New Haven (red) line.

Getting to the race by public transit is pretty damn easy. A train from Grand Central and a 1.5-mile taxi is all it takes.

The most up-to-date info is at the Metro North website. As of this writing (7/31/14), you have two train choices from Grand Central on the New Haven (red) line to get you to the 9 am start:

  • 6:37 (arriving 7:10) – if you want to be relaxed
  • 7:37 (arriving 8:10) –  if you want to be a bit stressed


If you are coming up by train from NYC (or by bus into New Rochelle’s bus depot), getting to the start of the race on time is easy. The start is just 1.5 miles north of the train station and bus depot. (This is also NewRo’s Amtrak station.)

By Train: Take the 6:37 or 7:37 Metro North train out of Grand Central on the New Haven (red) line to New Rochelle, which will arrive at 7:10 and 8:10. From there you can catch a taxi to the start for about $7. (Destination: North Avenue and Broadview.) Look for other runners to share a cab with, as we always have a healthy contingent from Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens coming in by train.

To find the taxi stands at the station: Go up the stairs to the bridge in the middle of the platform. One taxi stand will be to your left. You can find a second one if you cross the bridge, go down the stairs and through the station house.

The awards ceremony should start around 11:45-ish. Return trains are every half hour at :03 and :33.

Taxi services to get back to the station:

Union Taxi  (914) 576-1600
Red Fox Taxi (914) 636-6006
United Taxi Company (914) 632-6888
Green Team (914) 576-1200

By Bus: Buses use the same depot as the train station, so getting to/from the station/race is the same. Schedules are too varied to put here, of course, as they depend on where you are coming from.



4 Comments on Public Transit from New York City (Easy!)

  1. Lisa Hermes on Wed, 31st Jul 2013 1:13 pm
  2. Hi,

    You don’t have package pickup available in the city at all, do you? I don’t know how I would get there to get the materials before race day


  3. Eric Turkewitz on Wed, 31st Jul 2013 1:25 pm
  4. No pick-up in the city; it’s too logistically difficult to arrange.

    If you take the train you will pull in at 8:08, and then it is a 7-minute taxi to the start.

    Last year we didn’t have a problem, though obviously if a packet can be picked up earlier it is better.

  5. Garland Richard on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 5:30 pm
  6. I’m coming from NYC. What if Metro North is still not running?

    I followed the links for buses and found NO buses from NYC to New Rochelle on that day. Bee line link sis not work but that would not have helped anyway.

    This may be a problem for a lot of runners.


  7. Eric Turkewitz on Fri, 27th Sep 2013 5:50 pm
  8. Metro North is running, it is just on reduced schedule. (I took it from NewRo to the city and back today.)

    The plan for this Sunday…and I can’t imagine it would be worse for next Sunday, is a once an hour train that leaves at 7:34 arriving at 8:04. The train schedule is here:

    Return trains are also once an hour.

    I’ve also posted about it on our Facebook page in case people want to see if they can hook up for car pools.

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