Public Transit from New York City (Easy!)

New Rochelle is close to the city on the New Haven (red) line.

[Updated Sept. 30, 2017]

New Rochelle is 22 miles north of midtown Manhattan — just 4 train stops away.

Getting to the race by public transit is pretty damn easy. A 35-minute Metro North train from Grand Central and a 1.5-mile taxi is all it takes. (The NewRo transit station also serves Amtrak and buses.)

The most up-to-date info is at the Metro North website. You have two train choices from Grand Central on the New Haven (red) line to get you to the 9 am start:

  • 6:36 (arriving 7:11) – if you want to be relaxed
  • 7:36 (arriving 8:11) –  if you want to be a bit stressed


By Train: Take the 6:36 or 7:36 Metro North train out of Grand Central on the New Haven (red) line to New Rochelle, which will arrive at 7:11 and 8:11. From there you can catch a taxi to the start for about $7. (Destination: North Avenue and Broadview.) Look for other runners to share a cab with, as we always have a healthy contingent from Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens coming in by train.

To find the taxi stands at the station: Go up the stairs to the bridge in the middle of the platform. One taxi stand will be to your left. You can find a second one if you cross the bridge, go down the stairs and through the station house.

The awards ceremony should start around 11:45-ish.

Return trains are every half hour starting with 11:34; 12:04, 12:34; 1:04.

Taxi services to get back to the station:

Union Taxi  (914) 576-1600
Red Fox Taxi (914) 636-6006
United Taxi Company (914) 632-6888
Green Team (914) 576-1200

By Bus: Buses use the same depot as the train station, so getting to/from the station/race is the same. Schedules are too varied to put here, of course, as they depend on where you are coming from.


2 thoughts on “Public Transit from New York City (Easy!)”

  1. Hi,

    You don’t have package pickup available in the city at all, do you? I don’t know how I would get there to get the materials before race day


  2. No pick-up in the city; it’s too logistically difficult to arrange.

    If you take the train you will pull in at 8:08, and then it is a 7-minute taxi to the start.

    Last year we didn’t have a problem, though obviously if a packet can be picked up earlier it is better.

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