Race Day Parking

If you are unfamiliar with the start/finish area, then read carefully for the places you can park and the places you can’t park.

For those using GPS, this is the intersection of Broadview and North Avenue, right in front of New Rochelle High School.

There is a map below, which you can click for a larger, printer friendly version:

    • There is one High School lot directly across from the start, behind the tennis courts;
    • There is a second, much larger, High School lot behind the school, off Clove Road (at its intersection with Parcot Ave.). A foot path from the lot passes directly in front of the school and will take you around toward the start;
    • You can park on many of the local streets as indicated on the map below, both near the start or near the finish;
    • But  you can not park on Broadview!! (start of the race) or Flandreau (finish). Unless you want to be tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail.  These are colonial era punishments that we favor for those that try to clog the race course with cars. You’re an endurance athlete. Walking a couple of blocks won’t kill you.

Look at the map! Click on it! Then click it again to make it even bigger! Print it and take it with you if you are not familiar with this area! (Please?)


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  1. Uncertain if this went through, so you may get it twice. You say there is parking at a high school for your event. If you provide the name and address of the high school, or other appropriate area address it may facilitate participants getting to your event by giving them a destination that can be entered into gps units or navigation programs.


    Burt Ray Simpson

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